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Thread: How Many Episodes Should You Watch Before Deciding?

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    How Many Episodes Should You Watch Before Deciding?

    This is something that is usually discussed in several forums and sites around the Internet for years. Sometimes, when you are recommended to watch a new Digimon series, some questions arise and one of the most common ones is to what extent I should watch till I get to know if this season in particular is going to be my cup of tea or on the other hand, it's going to be a waste a time to watch it because I'm not gonna like it.

    I personally believe that to properly judge a product, Digimon related or not, you should experience it in its entirely, but I'm aware there's people who don't agree with that. That said, I've recently started to watch Digimon Frontier again on the ocassion of the upcoming brand-new CD Drama and I've been loving it like the first time. However, I've just realized something: there's a limit episode you should reach before having an accurate idea if you are gonna love it or hate it, which is in my opinion the episode 13 "Seraphimon Awakens! Secret of the Ten Warriors" in which the DigiDestined arrive to the castle of Seraphimon.

    Do you think I'm right? Even more, which chapter is in your opinion the point of no return of each season of the anime (Adventure, 02, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars, Young Hunters, Appmon and tri.), the one that certainly may indicate if you are going to love it or hate it?

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    It depends on each person I reckon. For me, it only took me a couple of episodes to fall in love with adventure, 02. I was so familiar with those 2 seasons that I refused to watch the rest until much much later.
    For Tamers: very similar to Adventure/02
    Frontier: please don't be offended with this: I was only able to watch couple of epsiodes before something in me screamed "enough"! Although later on I only watched episodes that are significant in plot & cooler digimon e.g. Royal Knights & Lucemon arcs
    Savers: also pretty interesting in the beginning and somewhat fell away in the middle before a better ending
    Xros Wars: somehow I was able to watch almost its entirely despite its predictable plot and mediocre characters
    Appmon: this is a difficult one. I was very close to totally discard the series in the first half as its fillers are even worse than Xros Wars. But the second half blew me away though
    Tri: again it is difficult to say because it was movie based. I'd say after Confession things really heated up to the point of no return

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    For me, I always say watch at least one season. For shows like Digimon, that encompasses the whole show obviously, but for others it is only part. Iíve found that this has served me well, since some shows struggle to get their footing at first but then hit their stride. Usually I watch a little bit into the second season too if I feel conflicted still.

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    For year-long series like Digimon, you could always watch one cours (about 13 episodes), since they usually act as seasons of a kind.

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    I guess there's sort of two questions in this; at what point do you become "invested", and at what point does the plot reach a stage where you can't feasibly go on without committing. The former is definitely more subjective; with Adventures, 02, and Tamers, I was hooked right away through their respective pilot episodes. In terms of plot engagement:

    Adventure: After defeating Devimon. You realize there are stakes (Angemon dies), but also that the story is nowhere near over.
    02: Agumon getting kidnapped. It loses the formulaic "defeat a monster of the week by gaining a new power-up" aspect (even though that's what happens at the end anyway) and embraces being a more serialized story.
    Tamers: I'd say right around IceDevimon, who showed that the Tamers themselves weren't one note characters.

    Gets a little more fuzzy from there. Frontier I wasn't hooked until, oh, right around the time Grumblemon slide evolves into Gigasmon, cuz that's when shit gets real, but I have a harder time pegging what the most important "turning point" episode is. With Data Squad I was honestly never really hooked, but I'd say it doesn't reach its stride until near the end when the Royal Knights get involved. Fusion similarly, never quite grabbed me, but I'll commend Season 2 for vastly improving on Season 1.

    Never saw Hunters or Appmon, but Tri, personally, I felt hit the ground running (even if it had its emotional crescendo by Part 3).

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    Or do you torture yourself and just slug through of a series you don't really like simply because it's 'Digimon'? I've done that twice and it is rather difficult to do. (things you do for a fandom)

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    I know right. But I usually say 3 episodes. Though I've not always done that. But I've mostly enjoyed all the series in some way. Pokemon however... Some thing like that has some episodes where you really only watch some episodes once if anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown Neo View Post
    I know right. But I usually say 3 episodes. Though I've not always done that. But I've mostly enjoyed all the series in some way. Pokemon however... Some thing like that has some episodes where you really only watch some episodes once if anything.
    I had a friend in college who lived by the 3 episode rule. I'd say it's good enough for someone to gauge general interest, but some shows spend a little too long in the beginning setting up the world instead of the plot for 3 episodes to be enough for every single show. I mean if you only watch the first three episodes of Adventure you'd get the idea that it's entirely a Monster of the Week show without a real plot other than "these kids are wandering around".

    I tried to get my friend to at least watch until Devimon's intro (I pushed for Devimon's defeat but that was too many episodes for him).
    We're counting on you, Chosen Children

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post

    I personally believe that to properly judge a product, Digimon related or not, you should experience it in its entirely,
    No offense, but thatís completely ridiculous. Why the hell would I suffer through something in its entirety to assess if I like it or not? Would you tell someone they need to sit through all 850 plus episodes and counting of One Piece to properly judge it? (This applies to any long runner)

    If a show canít even grab my attention a little bit after the first episode I usually drop it after that. Only sometimes will I give multiple chances to.

    If you already enjoy a product you may be more willing to cut it some slack if it starts to decline. (for example I enjoyed, more or less, the first four seasons of Orange is the new Black so I stuck out with the fifth season far longer than I would have otherwise before giving up on it)

    Or say a show creator or particular actor is in a new show or film you may be a bit more willing to give them a little more leeway to impress you simply based on what theyíve done before. To tie this to Digimon maybe to varying degrees you really liked the first five seasons and what not so you were willing to let Xros Wars slide and tried to make it through.

    Hell I could tell someone ďDigimon Adventure starts a bit weak but it finds its footing around episode 8 and gets really good about 21 episodes inĒ but I canít honestly expect someone to wade through that long just so they may possibly enjoy it.

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    I also believe that to properly judge an anime entry, as in give it a score and review it, one should watch the entirety of it. But, as for to decide when it's enough to decide whether to drop it or not, it depends. I'd say look at the episode counts (if it has one), if it's one cour (13 eps), then 2-3 episode is probably enough, maybe a bit more if it's 22-26 episodes. As for something that has 50+ episodes, i'd say a cour would be enough.

    As for Digimon series, considering all series (except YH and Tri) ran for a year, i think 3 episodes rule isn't fair at all, especially since half of them started MoTW-ish that would turn off so many people. So for Digimon, i think it should be when a major plot point starts to appear (Devimon in Adventure, Devas in Tamers, Evil spirits in Frontier, Mercurymon in Savers, maybe Nene-centric episode in XW, and maybe Rei's debut in Appmon) or when an arc just ended. Though the sad reality is that anime watcher nowadays are being used to the '3 episodes rule' and 13-26 episodes only anime which make them finished at least an arc of Digimon very hard. But hey, there's even worse offender such as Gintama that i found that many people would recommend to watch like 50-100 episodes of it or even 200 of it before deciding that the comedy is one's kind of taste right? Sadly, the thing is they're different. Digimon is generally viewed as kids' anime while Gintama is a shounen. So, most people are gonna be more prejudiced to any Digimon show, so prejudiced that maybe those who are gonna watch beyond 3 episodes are only those who actually liked Adventure or a bit more than it.

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