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Thread: Hopes for Digimon survive?

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    Super excited for Digimon survive, not only because its new and fresh but because I like that the story of the game will be through a visual novel style telling. If you've ever played a visual novel game you probably know what I mean. Also the fact that they are FINALLY getting into the darker parts of Digimon, yes they had some dark moments in the animes and a few games. But never like how they are advertising it here.

    This brings me to my hopes for the game. I hope that they don't skimp out on the dark part, and just make it "Digimon/ person dies because you lost this battle". I wan't detail and conflict. For example if you've made multiple friends in the game and some one dies because of YOU, the other characters will cry and possibly take there anger out on you blaming you. IF it was the human dying, their partner/s would have a conflict with you. Another thing is I hope the locations, story and battles of the game take some info of Digimon and use them to enchance the immersion. I'd love to have a arc in the game where you have to go through a forest that contains Cherrymon/Jyureimon and they attempt to display illusions and lure you into the forest so that they can absorb you as nutrients and you must battle your way out to survive.

    Oh and also that there will be a variety of digimon, I saw some digimon I was unfamiliar with in the video showcasing 5 minutes of gameplay, so I hope that there will be a large roster. (Hoping for Veedramon - Ulforceveedramon!)
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