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Thread: Hopes for Digimon survive?

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    Ha, yeah. At least a little news every so often can help ease the jitters in a fanbase. Pokemon's going through something similar right now waiting for news on the next generation of games for the Switch.

    Let us know something! Anything! We are starving for news!
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    I totally agree with you guys. Not exactly something new, but Habu posted a couple of tweets referring to the future of the Digimon videogames in development for this new year 2019:
    2018年も残すところあと僅かとなり、年の瀬には思わぬ悲しい訃報もありました。来年もまだまだ仕込み の期間となり、その間に世間の状況は一刻々変わっていき、焦りばかり感じる1年となりそうですが、期待いた だけるお知らせが出来るよう、努力してまいりますので宜しくお願い申し上げます!
    変わらないものへは「見切り」を付け、「自分に出来ること」の「最大化」にエネルギーを使っていきたいです 。
    If anyone is fluent in Japanese and may indicate if there's something relevant among this, it would be so appreciated!

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    Not particularly. A reference to Toshiko Fujita's passing, next year (as in this one) will be very busy but they're working hard, acknowledging one's limits whilst maximising one's efforts.

    Mostly generic corporate speak.

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    I may be reviving this a little bit, but I'm kinda loving the discussion. I didn't want to make a new thread regarding Survive. (Be gentle, it's my first real post on a thread! XD)

    I was super excited for Survive, but seeing as there was never a month put to the year of 2019, I was sure it was going to get pushed. I'm not huge into following video games. I'm not a huge gamer in general (actually, digimon is the ONLY reason I picked up a PS4 controller).

    Being a self-described non-gamer, I have some basic desires for Survive that really only come from Next Order, Cyber Sleuth, and Hacker's Memory. On the latter two; I'd love to just NOT see anything that goes way into juvenile dating/relationship stuff. I found in CS, and HM it got so overbearingly irritating in the side-quests that I was groaning each time it was brought up. But, maybe that's just me being a salty old GETOFFMYLAWN lady... =/

    I love the evolution lines in CS and HM, from what I remember, I enjoyed NO's mechanics as well. Earlier on in this topic, I saw someone mention the possibility of death when making 'wrong' or more undesirable choices, I LOVE this!! That makes me super excited! One thing I really disliked about HM was the amount of "choice" you got that really wasn't a choice. It just seemed to be the game railroading you into clicking a button to say, "see!? we made it interactive!" (See the "I love you Yu, LOL JK" scene that completely broke m heart...)

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    I loved all the Story games, and the DW1/Redigitize/NO style games, but I'm just super excited for Survive. I'm hoping it has a similar convert system to the Story games, that would give me a good mechanical vibe like what I've experienced in the SMT: Devil Survivor series. I'm wondering how in-depth the choices and story is as well.

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    Just now found out about this thread but I'm particularly interested in the gameplay side of Survive! I would love it if this were to revive the SRPG genre in Digimon games so that we could get the equivalent of Namco X Capcom in terms of mechanics! (Or at least Project X Zone 1 & 2's.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Characters dying based on what choices you make has already been confirmed, though I'd assume the second a death happens youre no longer on the true ending route. I recall reading even the protag can die, though I assume that's a game over and you'd have to reload lol
    Yea I can't wait to see how that plays out. I will be making more than one save file that is for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by wildwing64 View Post
    I don't have any particular hopes for the game itself as I'm not sure what to expect.

    The one thing I'm certainly hoping for is this leading to more Digimon games on the Switch.
    The are bringing both Cybersleuth games to the switch now. I may pick them up for this reason despite already having them both on my Vita and PS4 for cross save. I just hope Survive sells well so we get more Digimon games in general.

    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Saver View Post
    I'm just hoping we get a good translation for once. I could deal with the translations in the CS games, but they weren't GOOD.
    I thought they were alright. But yea the closer the translations are to the original Japanese the better.

    Quote Originally Posted by DigiKing Tamer View Post
    Just now found out about this thread but I'm particularly interested in the gameplay side of Survive! I would love it if this were to revive the SRPG genre in Digimon games so that we could get the equivalent of Namco X Capcom in terms of mechanics! (Or at least Project X Zone 1 & 2's.)
    The scenes where you interact with the human characters sort of remind me of the Danganronpa games. I'm guessing it will be a hybrid of turn based strategy and visual novel.

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