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Thread: placement by starsign

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    placement by starsign

    These i believe to be the astrological placement of each character and Digimon in thier respective grouping.

    Snake/Taurus (Estia): Taichi
    Dragon/Aries (Ares): Daisuke
    Hare/Pisces (Aides): Ken
    Tiger/Aquarius (Athena): Jou
    Ox/Capricorn (Poseidon): Yamato
    Rat/Sagittarius (Erames): Koushirou
    Boar/Scorpio (Demeter): Hikari
    Hound/Libra (Artemis): Iori
    Rooster/Virgo (Hra): Miyako
    Monkey/Leo (Armonia): Mimi
    Sheep/Cancer (Zeys): Takeru
    Horse/Gemini (Apollon): Sora
    Orfichoos: Ryou

    Snake (Estia): Examon
    Dragon (Ares): Gankoomon
    Hare (Aides): UlForceV-Dramon
    Tiger (Athena): Dynasmon
    Ox (Poseidon): AegisDramon
    Rat (Erames): Sleipmon
    Boar (Demeter): Craniummon
    Hound (Artemis): Dukemon
    Rooster (Hra): Duftmon
    Monkey (Armonia): RhodoKnightmon
    Sheep (Zeys): Omegamon
    Horse (Apollon): Magnumon

    Snake (Estia): Vulcanusmon
    Dragon (Ares): Marsmon
    Hare (Aides): Bacchusmon
    Tiger (Athena): Minervamon
    Ox (Poseidon): Neptunemon
    Rat (Erames): Mercurymon
    Boar (Demeter): Ceresmon
    Hound (Artemis): Dianamon
    Rooster (Hra): Junomon
    Monkey (Armonia): Venusmon
    Sheep (Zeys): Jupitermon
    Horse (Apollon): Apollomon

    Snake (Estia): AncientGreamon
    Dragon (Ares):
    Hare (Aides): AncientWisemon
    Tiger (Athena): AncientMermaimon
    Ox (Poseidon): AncientGarurumon
    Rat (Erames): AncientMegatheriumon
    Boar (Demeter): AncientBeetmon
    Hound (Artemis):
    Rooster (Hra): AncientTroiamon
    Monkey (Armonia): AncientVolcamon
    Sheep (Zeys): AncientSphinxmon
    Horse (Apollon): AncientIrismon

    each character has a weakness trait that defines their personality at first, they must find thier true emotion in order to mature and make friends

    Fire: Hirokazu, Yuu, likes cute, Daisuke - takes the cowards route out
    Heaven: Ruki, Kiriha, stiff, Ken - lives in his own fantasy
    Wood: Kenta, sword, laid back, Iori - allows himself to be pushed aside
    Xiaochun - takes responsibility for other peoples mistakes
    Water: Jianling, Nene, Yuu, Miyako - lives to impress others
    Earth: Juri, Akari, Taiki, Hikari - hides under a blanket of imagery
    Metal: Takato, Taiki, Tajirou, Takeru - feels guilt for others

    Taichi, Takuya, Hirokazu: is a coward, has no restraint
    Jou, Ruki: has no belief in his own will
    Yamato, Kouji, Kenta: rebels against everything, has no system
    Koushirou, Junpei, Jianling: follows only his own ideals
    Hikari: takes on everyone elses responsibility
    Mimi, Kouichi, Juri: has impure thoughts about everything
    Takeru, Tomoki: blames himself for others problems
    Sora, Izumi, Takoto: feels guilt for everyone else

    Wind: Dragon, Unknown
    Thunder: Water, Deep Savers
    Mountain: Beast, Nightmare Soldier
    Water: Machine, Metal Empire
    Heaven: Light, Virus Busters
    Lake: Nature, Nature Spirits
    Earth: Dark, Dark Area
    Fire: Sky, Wind Guardians
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