Time for some more X-Antibody stuff!

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Pre-orders for the Digital Monster X have closed, but we are still getting more information on various things being included with it.

Bandai has updated the reference book with full profiles and information for some more X-Antibody Digimon. A few of these we only had shortened profiles for, via Terriermon Joshu on Twitter. Fans will certainly be pleased to get more detailed information on these Digimon...

Tokomon X-Antibody
Baby II/Lesser/None
*The effect on Tokomon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
A rare case of a Baby Digimon that has taken in the X-Antibody, it is often targeted by other Digimon. Even so, it has adopted a valiant personality and is not discouraged by its setbacks, overcoming all odds with its small stature and increased agility. By tackling with all its might (Tokotoko Dive), it has the power to topple even large Digimon over, and so capturing Tokomon is not an easy task.
Attacks: Tokotoko Dive, Kamitsuki (Bite)

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Renamon X-Antibody
Child/Beast Man/Data
*The effect on Renamon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
Cloaked in an overflowing, bewitching aura, this dignified onmyoji is well-versed in the dark arts, especially for a Child level. Its additional tail as well as the red markings surfacing all over its body symbolize its newfound strength. The techniques it uses have been improved as well; it controls the battlefield with its cunning techniques, firing a spinning yin-yang attack that slices up all who come close (Taikyokusen [Tai Chi Revolution]) and changing the texture of not only its body but also its surroundings, inviting the enemy into a world of illusions (Kochōgen [Fox-Butterfly Illusion]).

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Sakuyamon X-Antibody
Ultimate/God Man/Data
*The effect on Sakuyamon's Digicore due to the X-Antibody
Beginning with necromancy and onmyodo, it has grown into a specialist who has mastered every secret art that has been passed down throughout the eastern Digital World. By attuning itself closely to the Digital World's nature, it is able to transform various object data such as flora and rocks into shikigami in the shape of flowers or foxes, and order them to do its bidding. It is skilled in using its kuda-gitsune and shikigami for reconnaissance and espionage; acting as a watchman of the darkness, it strikes at its foes from the dark using the information it has obtained. Its new Special Moves are turning all of the objects around it into countless shikigami, enveloping the enemy in a storm of flowers and annihilating them (Konohana Senki Banshou), and fusing its four kuda-gitsune, which possess power over each of the four elements respectively, into a single gigantic kitsune-gami [fox spirit] and summoning it (Uka no Mitama).
Attacks: Kongoukai Mandara, Konohana Senki Banshou, Uka no Mitama

Thanks to garm for the translations. A few things will be touched up later, and there may be one more translated profiles added.