Digimon as anime is kinda unique since most anime nowadays are either light novel/visual novel/manga adaptation and or rather short with only 13-26 episodes per "season", making most anime nowadays are rather incomplete since it would take several "seasons" and years of gaps for the story to finish. Even then, those anime has very low chance to be adapted fully till the end.

Digimon on other hand, AFAIK, has never done anime adaptation from other media. In fact, it was the opposite, the anime got adapted into many others media: the first 4 series got their own manga version that's more or less the same thing with different changes and summarized story, Next was heavily inspired from Savers, Xros Wars got its own manga that deviate heavily from the anime (and compared to manga version of first 4 series), and then Appmon got its own manga too which was a bit similar to how XW manga was (although the deviation wasn't too heavy). Adventure also got adapted into a game for PSP and novel.

The thing about adapted anime - whether it's from VN, LN, or manga - is that they're safer profit-wise, since the source material has already proven how profitable it was and it already has its own fandom. Original animes on the other hand, have none of that, but that doesn't mean they have nothing to attract viewers, it could be from well-known seiyus, well-known staffs or studios. Digimon anime, although all of them are original works which mean they weren't proven to be profitable, has potential viewers just for the fact that it was part of the Digimon franchise. But, do you think things will be better if bandai/toei not only just use 'Digimon-name' to gather fans, but also pre-existing fans of the original source of a Digimon anime (if they do one)?

Also, here's a thing i thought: the way Tri was presented to us has weirded some of us for sure. The norm for us was when a new Digimon series started, it would last for only a full year (a year and a half for XW), with no noticeable hiatus or gap. But Tri, with as much as contents as half of a normal Digimon series, spans for almost four years. The result? It seems to me that Tri era were the most successful revival of Digimon anime, probably earning profits somewhat close to the golden age of digimon (the first 4 series) or at least doing far better than Savers/XW era of revival. It could be the fact that Tri is Adventure, and Adventure is a very profitable "cow" to be milked. But what if the fact that there were lots of and long of gaps between each Tri movies, making the hype for fans kept for long time and more time for their merchandise to be relevant, also contribute to the success of Tri? What if there's an ongoing manga/LN of Digimon, that keep being adapted, 3-4 volumes for each cour (12-13 episodes), and then the anime went into hiatus to wait for more source material, then when it's enough the new season got aired again, repeat till the source material ended, would it generate more profit than the usual a Digimon series that's an original anime?