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Thread: 3 years since Digimon Adventure tri. Began & 20 for V-Tamer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vande View Post
    I need a new WtW user souls to summon a V-Tamer Anime and the V-Tamer 01 Digivice. Participation in soul reaping is mandatory, I repeat mandatory.

    20 Years, fond memories of that manga. Still love it today. V-Tamer was the first to do a crossover as well I think...
    V-Tamer is basically the reason I'm still a fan today. *Really* hope they release a Digivice 01 soon because I've been itching to smash the pre-order button on it since we got hints they might do it all those months ago.

    I don't hold out much hope for an anime, personally, but I think I might keel over from excitement if they did. 😂

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    I'm so sad that V-Tamer never got a legit English release. Digimon seemed to be one of the few toyetic anime series I can think of that never got their mangas released in the US (yet for some reason they saw fit to release those obscure manhwa instead).

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    Three years already, Itís been one hell of a ride but Iím still glad Tri. was made, Canít wait to see the new film next year too.

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    I didnít know tri started the same day V-Tamer did! Happy anniversary to them both!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiriGuy View Post
    Three years already, Itís been one hell of a ride but Iím still glad Tri. was made, Canít wait to see the new film next year too.
    There's a new film next year?!?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanChizzle View Post
    There's a new film next year?!?!
    Well, there will be a sequel for Tri. It seems to be a film.

    However, we don't know the exact date. We suppose it will be the next year.

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    It'd be nice if it had something to do with 02 but first we need a release date. ...I suggest it being around August when the show started but that might be too obvious.

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    Added the image Tenya Yabuno put up to thank everyone for the messages he was sent about V-Tamer on it's anniversary.
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