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Thread: Miyazaki Academy Concert Socks Announced

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    Miyazaki Academy Concert Socks Announced

    Well this is a thing...

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    The Ayumi Miyazaki Live -Miyazaki Academy Festival Night 2018- concert begins in a few hours in Japan.

    As a last minute surprise, Mojost has announced a product that will be sold on site!


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    Miyazaki Academy Onpu-On Socks.

    Onpu-on is the name of the character(s) that appear on the socks, representing musical notes.

    They are 1,200 yen per pair and come in black for men and dark grey for women. There is no mention of sizes.

    They also show a preview of a badge.

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    As expected, the badge features Stradion.
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    Miyazaki Academy?

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