20th Anniversary Pendulum discussion thread

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Sep 8, 2020
Long story short, I finally got my Silver Blue baby the other day, after almost six weeks of not knowing what's going on with it. No fault of the seller, though.

Never had a Pendulum growing up, so basically everything about this is super cool to me. I was only able to boot it up today due to things that were happening. Pukamon should be evolving in a couple hours!

I like the feel of it a lot; I've got long skeleton fingers, so smaller devices can be somewhat awkward to interact with and to hold. The pendulum has, so far, been making a satisfying clack upon shaking, though honestly it's throwing me off a bit since it's actually not keeping track of shakes. The buttons are kinda tight still, but that's not a big deal. It's not as loud as I was somehow expecting it to be, which is good. Has there been noticeable difference in volume? I seem to recall that being a thing within some line of Digital Monster.

I actually bought a Dukemon Pen20 already that arrived around last Christmas, but unfortunately had to refund it as it was absolutely not new and unopened. Prices have gone up quite a bit since, but I decided to bite the bullet because I kept feeling sour over literally having had one in my hands, only for it to turn out to be completely busted.

Apologies for rambling. I'm just very excited. šŸ˜