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Thread: New Encounters Trailer- Gameplay and Cinematics

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    New Encounters Trailer- Gameplay and Cinematics

    Another update for Encounters!

    Another trailer for Digimon Encounters!

    This time we get various gameplay, along with cinematic representations of gameplay.

    This is one of the more detailed trailers the game has gotten so far, even if it's questionable if any of those cinematics will be used in game (and unlikely to be used near gameplay at all.)

    Even so, the footage of the game looks interesting.

    Recently we got a Bulcomon focused trailer, alongside a bunch of character renders!

    Encounters is currently on Android in China, and launching in iOS later this month.

    Thanks to Ramon for the heads up.
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Your welcome ☺

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    I come from the net
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    Yeah thanks. I wonder how long it'll be until we get the Mega form for Bulcomon. Nice video though.

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    It appears to be out now, and based on the store page, it seems they'll be hiring Japanese voice actors for the game

    Also, they broke a million downloads, that's ridiculously impressive. Especially since this is only in China (For now)

    You also need IOS 8.0 or higher, so I couldn't play even if I wanted to lol
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