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Thread: BUYING CARDS: DW-1, Dorumon Dw-4 Promo, Omnimon D-Tector Promo

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    BUYING CARDS: DW-1, Dorumon Dw-4 Promo, Omnimon D-Tector Promo

    Hey guys, a while back I sold my Digimon CCG and DTector cards collection when I lost my job, and now I'm looking to replenish all of them. So if anybody is interested, please post what you're willing to sell and we can negotiate prices based on the completion of the collection respectively. Other than that, I would love to talk about anything Digimon related. I've been missing my old friends and the nostalgia of collecting in general, so if you have questions or just want to chat, let's talk! I'm looking to buy duplicates of Dw-01 MetalgreymonThe Digimon world Dorumon promo, the Omnimon TV promo that came with a VHS video, and a few other things. Please post if you have anything else interesting for sale.
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