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Thread: The Digimon Lineup for the Digital Monster X & More Reveals from MonMon Memo!

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    I wonder how the Ultimate+'s will work and what impact they'll have on the Digimon's life. Will all Ultimates evolve? or will only specific ones evolve into specifics?
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    Quote Originally Posted by King in Pink View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Gigamon23 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by King in Pink View Post
    Wow. What a crap roster. They really feel like step downs from the last two releases.
    I wouldn't call it a "crap roster", but I understand your disappointment. Thinking about it, though, this is a "regular" or original release and not an anniversary release. It all depends on what you're comparing it to. V-Pets prior to the anniversary releases typically had rosters smaller than this, and looking at the evo lines for the original V-Pets, they were about as random, too.
    That wasn't quite the case. The original Pendulum X's had mostly complete evolution lines, unless you mean the original V-pets, in which case yes... but they were still mostly themed. Even though this isn't an anniversary toy, it still has to be compared to the last two releases given that they're similar products. You look at the 20th Pendulums and they basically contain every Digimon anyone would want to raise between the two of them and then you look at this one with it's glaring absences like Guilmon X, Greymon X, Garurumon X and the entire Dorumon and Ryudamon lines... it's just disappointing.
    I wouldn't called it a cheap roster, but a different one. You have to keep in mind that unlike the other two released, this one literally starts from scratch (sauf being a sequel to Digimon Pendulum X/Chronicle) and even so, there are a lot of different brand-new Digimon that make their debut here (Renamon X, Dracomon X, Tyranomon X, BelleStarmon X, Sakuyamon X, Diablomon X, Minervamon X, LordKnightmon X plus Tokomon X being back from oblivion) so quite decent compared to the other ones. Besides there is the thing that this one will be accompanied by a brand-new storyline in the form of a mini-manga (Digimon Chronicle X) which in my opinion is way more interesting, and hey the inclusion of GrandDracumon which for years has been the X-Digimon more sorrounded in mystery as the genesis of the X-Death Evolution. I'm not saying I don't appreciate the other ones, I'm just saying it's a different approach.

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    The Digital Monster X will also have that adventure mode thing to go along with its storyline, which is an unusually cool idea for a v-pet.
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