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Thread: Adventure Added to list of Anime Pilgrimage Sites in 2019

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    Adventure Added to list of Anime Pilgrimage Sites in 2019

    This is a fun little thing...

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    The Anime Tourism Association listed it's list of 88 anime pilgrimage sites for 2019 based on votes of where anime fans planned to visit.

    The new list has 20 new shows/franchises listed that haven't appeared on previous versions, including Digimon.

    The Digimon Adventure 'franchise/series' was listed with Nerima, Tokyo. (Nerima being the ward where Hikarigaoka is.)

    Areas from Digimon Adventure have always been popular with anime fans visiting Japan, with photos often popping up on social media of areas and things that showed up in the anime.

    The full list can be found here.

    Thanks to Anime News Network for the news.
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    I am curious with the 20th anniversary of the TV series and all next year if the visitor numbers will be higher than normal. There seemed to be a consistent number of people who visited the major locations the last three times I was there with at least two people (myself excluded) coming from overseas.

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    Oh this is a fun thing. Really it could be fun to do this. I bet a lot of us would go to at least one of those sites.

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    It was one of the most memorable trips of my life. Seeing the information board in Hikarigaoka with the Chosen Children from Adventure on it outside the Nerima Station and seeing their apartment complex near the overpass where "Koromon" (Greymon) battled Parrotmon was amazing. I was just surprised the phone booth was still there. Odaiba in the Minato Ward where much of the series actually took place was the highlight of the trip for sure. Visiting the apartment complex that Taichi and Hikari lived in and being given special permission to photograph the bay and Rainbow Bridge from one of the apartment balconies made the cost worth it. I recommend the pilgrimage for any fan that is able to do it.

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