Time for another concert!

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Ayumi Miyazaki is doing another concert, but this one is a bit special!

Ayumi Miyazaki Evolution Night Cruise will be a Christmas concert taking place during a short cruise around Tokyo..

It'll take place December 24th at Jicoo The Floating Bar, a bar/music venue on a boat! Jicco will be traveling around Tokyo Bay for the event, so you'll be able to see Tokyo Tower and Odaiba's Rainbow Bridge. Boarding will take place at Hinode Pier.

The event will also include a talk and a live Christmas event.

This is a limited audience event, with only 120 tickets being sold before they are done.

Jicoo will open at 6:30pm for boarding and will set off at 7pm, and the event starts at 7:30pm. The boat will stop at Hinode Pier at 8pm and 9pm for any late-comers who have tickets.

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Tickets are strictly first come first serve, and sales will close once they hit 120.

Tickets can be purchased here for 6,500 yen (includes 500 yen drinks cost.)

There will also be a photo opportunity with Miyazaki. 2 Polaroids with him on the boat plus a signed Christmas card for 2,000 yen. If you get that and also want to have a picture taken with your own phone or camera for 1,000 yen extra.

Another really fun and unique concert event, just like the Michihiko Ohta concert happening in a few weeks.

And of course, another Miyazaki concert is happening in November.