Digimon Adventure - Setting It Free
Chapter 1

Aqua City Odaiba represents two extremes for Taichi; the difference being when he is there with his family versus there on his own. His mother and sister approach the mall like a battlefield. Hikari does her research before they get there. Every single new dessert at the various cafes and bakeries is on her radar. Taichi's mother's, Yuuko's, version are the clothing brands. Between the two of them, Taichi and his father, Susumu, practically pass out by the time they leave after chasing them around all day. In contrast, when Taichi is there alone the place almost seems quiet. He walks in circles, up and down elevators, and around the parking lot until the moment he feels he's done for the day.

The solo visits are a more recent activity he picked up after the passing of one of his teachers, Daigo Nishijima. He used to be able to turn to soccer for these moments and for some things, he still does. He can observe things more during soccer. How fast on their feet is the right midfielder? Does the goalie keep staring at the stands hoping that the recruiter in attendance is watching? But here at the mall there's a different feel. A bigger picture with more lives.

This visit is different. Someone follows him. Nothing too sinister or alarming according to the behavior he observes, but it's still something he normally doesn't deal with. Into Sanrio Vivitix he goes and hopefully his follower follows him. It's a hello kitty store, with pink all over the place, so he might have to grab a plushie for Mimi.

Taichi's instincts are correct. This woman is following him. With short black hair and auburn eyes like his sister, she wasn't anything unusual. He really couldn't tell any more of her features as she was covered in her black and blue winter coat and her hands were concealed in the pockets.

Pretending to look around, Taichi maneuvers his way around the store - though the overabundance of pink is starting to give him a headache - until he comes across the plushie section. He picks one out carefully before heading to the cashier. It's only a few more moments before he walks out of the store with a freshly purchased plushie.

Not ten seconds later his mysterious follower walks out as well only to see him waiting for her.

Taichi holds up the plushie. "Cute isn't it?" Now that he has a good look at her she's a bit older than he expected. Late twenties is his best guess. "Iím surprised you didn't get one for yourself."

She looks at him and he returns her stare in kind. A few seconds pass before he realizes she's not going to volunteer anything. "Why are you following me?"

The woman's eyes show a hint of amusement. The grin that follows confirms it. "Buy me lunch. There's a nice ramen place around the corner. We can answer each other's questions then."

"I'm aware of the place," He mutters. "I'm kind of tight on money. I didn't even plan on this." He dangles the plushie, blaming her, before returning it to its bag.

"Oh, you'd rather I pay, then?"

It was Taichi's turn to grin. "Stalker's fee."


Ten minutes later, the two were seated and awaiting ramen. Taichi was staring at a photograph quality picture sitting in front of him. He looks up at her with an unreadable expression. "Photoshop. That's nice."

The picture shows him and seven others floating in the sky. He recognized the scenario of returning to the Digital World.

"You don't think this picture is legitimate?"

"Electrical equipment wasn't really functional during this time. Everything was going haywire, remember?" He responds, confident.

"Well aren't you a big ol' heap of knowledge." She says. "Tell me more."

"Why? What're you getting at?" He slides the photo back to her. "And who are you?"

"I'd hoped we could have danced a bit more before you went so serious." She sighs before putting her head down on the table. As she sits back up, Taichi notices a pen and paper now in her hand."

"I'm Misa Shikigami, journalist with the Japan Times Odaiba branch. Today is your lucky day, kid. I'm here to make you famous."

The young man just stares at her, a deer caught in the headlights.

Two bowls of ramen are placed on the table. "Here's your ramen."

End Chapter 1

A/N: I haven't written in a long while. So I wanted to create a short story to see if I can jolt my creative juices again. Also I wanted to practice writing in present tense because I find it funner. Let me know if you find it interesting at all. Thanks.

Time frame will be discussed more in the chapter. Though the type of story this is going to be won't be apparent yet.