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Thread: Mamoru Hosoda Reddit AMA Next Week, In Person at Screenings this Weekend

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    Mamoru Hosoda Reddit AMA Next Week, In Person at Screenings this Weekend

    A few bits of Hosoda news!

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    Mamoru Hosoda is doing various press bits for the upcoming American release of his newest film, Mirai, and part of that will be an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit next week.

    Hosoda of course, was there as the story structure of the anime side of Digimon was being created and helped influence the brand heavily, and was involved with some of it's most popular elements, having directed the initial Digimon Adventure short film, the 21st episode of Digimon Adventure, and Bokura no War Game (and it's later non-Digimon remake Summer Wars.)

    The AMA is being held by r/Anime on Monday, October 22nd between roughly 4:30 and 5:30pm.

    They will open a thread at roughly 2pm to begin to collect questions so that his time can be spent answering questions rather than waiting (especially if the time changes slightly.)

    There's no guarantee what, if any, Digimon questions he may answer, but if you have anything to ask it's worth a try!

    And on top of that, for those in the LA area this weekend...

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    At the Animation is Film Festival this weekend, they will be showing all of his post-Toei theatrical films, with him in attendance to do Introductions and Q&As.

    The festival and screenings will be at the TCL Chinese 6 Theaters, the same theater where the tri. Part 1 dub premiere event was held roughly 2 years ago.

    Also, his profile on the Animation is Film Festival website properly mentions his Digimon theatrical work as more than a footnote. It's a nice touch, since as the profile points out, it's where he did his first theatrical work, and introduced a number of themes that would recur in his works.

    Mirai will be in US theaters November 29th, December 5th, and December 8th, with 2 subbed and 2 dubbed showings scheduled. Tickets are currently on sale for those who want to see it in theaters.
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    What timezone are you using for the times you listed?
    What kinds of questions are you guys thinking of asking that could be Digimon related? This is exciting but I am so bad at thinking of questions for AMAs.

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