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Thread: Rate your Favourites X-Digimon!!!

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    Rate your Favourites X-Digimon!!!

    Now that the X-Digimon is the new black and with the Digital Monster X and Chronicle X in coming , I would like you guys to share our personal tastes in this regards!! I've decided to split the podium into four different categories (I'm planning to do the same further on with the Armor, Spirit, No Level and Appmon Digimon): the most shocking designs, the coolest ones, the ones I kind more cute and the weirdest X-Digimon.


    1. LordKnightmon X-Antibody

    2. Death-X-DORUgoramon

    3. GrandDracumon


    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    1. BeelStarmon X-Antibody

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    2. Renamon X-Antibody

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    3. Dracomon X-Antibody


    1. Dracumon

    2. Tobucatmon

    Image Thumbnail (custom)
    3. Lilimon X-Antibody


    1. Minervamon X-Antibody

    2. Matadrmon

    3. Nefertimon X-Antibody

    As you may guess, I have quite varied preferences. Overall, my three personal favourites so far are BeelStarmon X, Renamon X and Dracumon. What about you guys?

    Ps. Just look at this fanart!! I'm so in love!!!

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    is Nefertimon X really out? I don't recall seeing that anywhere...

    Death X Dorugoramon all the way!!

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    My favourites are the ones that combine mechanical designs and animals because I love As'maria's mechanical style but I also love bug kaiju esque monsters and animal robots. So things like MetalGreymon, WarGreymon, Gaioumon, Metal Garurumon, WarGrowlmon, Megidramon, Gigaseadramon, Cerberumon, UlforceVdramon, Tylomon, Pteramon, Mantaraymon , Nefertimon, Rhinomon, Magnamon, Chaosdramon, MetalTyrannomon, Waspmon, Cannonbeemon, TigerVespamon and Diablomon. It a magic/fantasy appeal, like Magnamon, Nefertimon and Rhinomon. I loved 02 and armours but looking back a lort of them had meh designs compared to the classics and the X antibody makes them look so much better and matches stuff like MetalGreymon. I hope we get more like this soon. Especially the more cyborg like ones as opposed to fully mechanical, although I still love stuff like LoadKnightmon and Tyranomon even though they don't fall in this category. I'm so hyped to see what's next.

    Why is Nefertimon weird to you?
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    Nerfertimon X debuted 2003, like 15 years ago. She's not a newly released Digimon or anything of the sorts. Just underrepresented, like most X-Antibody Digimon.

    I personally really like Minervamon X, since I feel that a more "conventional" X-Antibody design would overlap too much with Mervamon in both design and background. Plus, it rounds out to a nice trio of child, adolescent, and adult forms.

    As for my most favorite X-Antibodies, I really like the creepier designs like Death-X-Dorugoramon and GranDracmon. Going to need to add Diablomon X to that list too.

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