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Thread: How would you have changed the tri movies

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    How would you have changed the tri movies

    What would you like for them to do that you think it would make it better. Preferable I think tri should of just been a regular t.v. series but I'm not mad at them trying to get as much money as they can.

    What I really hated in tri was the tone I get the idea they were trying to be more adult having the digidestined tackle serious questions. I wish they mixed in dumb anime humor in the most interesting and emotionally impactful characters in the movies were the digimon.

    A lot of people shit on meiko for tri but I think pretty much all the digidestined in the movie were pretty monotone and boring. Also i think all of them were equally whiny aswell. What was good about the original adventures was for one we had an interesting diverse cast but we also see them have character growth. I think the character growth scenes fell flat for me because either the scenario sucked or it was the execution that sucked.

    Other then that I think the movies were okay I did have some problems on how it ended because I was expecting certain things and had unanswered questions but I think they will be addressed in the next movies.

    I would just focus on the character writing also another big part for me in the digimln is the sound track I wasn't really feeling it and I think the music makes a big part of why digimon is great.

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    make it that the whole tri thing never happened. Everything was a dream inside Kari's head. She got that nightmare from Dark Ocean during 02. And Meiko was the personal embodiment of Dark Ocean...

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    Do what India did and combine part 5 and 6, then have part 6 be fighting against King Drasil and Alphamon with MM killing them.

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    Well, ignoring the low-hanging fruit like Muh 02 Kids and "Learn to pace a fucking story", there's

    1) Figure out what the story is about before you write it. This is the big one, as a well-told story uses theme to inform plot, setting, and character. It's not until about the last ten minutes of the story that the writers finally decide that tri.'s main conflict is "something, something, Mercy Killing", which, in all fairness, you could totally write a decent story about with tri.'s ingredients; there's a whole bunch of monsters driven rabidly insane by a virus, which is further a decent progression from the villains of Adventure to the slaves and puppets of 02. You could get some astonishing drama out of the fact that one of the big fights is with a certain infected friend and ally.

    2) Drop the Mysterious Man. He serves no actual purpose and robs depth and significance from other characters. To start with, the story doesn't actually need a villain -- the threat MaiCoomon carries is calamitous, not malevolent, so she just needs something to set that power off and for the plot to have it actually be threatening enough to sustain itself. If you absolutely must have a villain, dropping the Mysterious Man allows you to infuse extra character development into Alphamon, the Kaiser (if you want him to have a part), or even MaiCoomon herself.

    3) Remember the humans, and the Chosen in particular, are actually the least important part of the conflict. If you're going to write a story about enemy gods competing for control of the cosmos next door, focus on the Goddamned cosmos next door. The unending concern with petty human interactions only serves to indicate that not only does the story give the humans more weight than they should have at the expense of the actual participants and victims in the conflict, the story by-and-large doesn't care about the actual participants and victims in the conflict. It's a bad show all around when a Digimon story doesn't care about the Digimon.

    4) Rewrite the human-Digimon relationships entirely. It was awful watching the Chosen stuff the Digimon into the Koushirou Kennel or otherwise neglect them to do more import things like angst about their relationship with society or read sports manga, and then turn around and pretend that those relationships are special and eternal things, as when Sora tries to comfort Meiko at the beginning of Confession. The reboot (which is a terrible plot device both in principle and as-implemented) only made things worse, since the kids are only interested in "getting their Digimon back", which was Clearly Not a sign of entitlement or how the Digimon are some kind of status symbol for how special these kids are. The story takes Digimon partnership so thoroughly for granted that it misses colossal moral issues like "If it was ever wrong for Homeostasis and her agents to kidnap seven children and equip them with brainwashed monster babies to fight a war for her, how much worse is it for those kids to later go and collect those un-brainwashed monster infants again for their own emotional satisfaction and later order them to fight on their behalf, all of their own free will?"

    There's more I could write, but I'll start with this.
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    I've fixed the typo in this thread's title, because it would have continually bugged me.
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    I would've made them about the Dark Ocean / World of Darkness, stressed the Lovecraft aspects of it.

    The first movie would've been about the Dark Ocean taking Kari away, transforming her in body and mind into something inhuman, something horrible. A satanic figure of endless power, representing stock Lovecraftian hopelessness and the futility of struggle.

    The second would be all about her embracing her new villainous role, how they individually respond to her fall from grace. Corrupting Gatomon into BlackGatomon, with Myotismon as her new Perfect form. The big whammy of this one would be her killing TK and MagnaAngemon, and sometime before or after heralding in the apocalypse by letting the Deep One hordes into reality.

    The third begins a week after the worlds have gone to Hell. The Deep Ones have seized the Human World, with wave tactics; while individually so weak that Rookies can kill them, and the more powerful Digimon dozens easily, a thousand against one Ultimate is a different story. One-hundred thousand against the average Mega goes almost worse.

    The surviving Digidestined are still putting up resistance, but they're too few and too tired to accomplish much. It doesn't help that some humans are actively working with them. The Dark Ocean's selling point - a better and simpler life than what the earthly plane can provide, eternity to do whatever fulfills you and makes you happy and only that, just as serving their masters makes these Deep Ones happy - has proven tempting for a lot of people; albeit some joining only to escape the war they've started. In places like Okinawa, they've summoned luxurious temples for endless orgies from the Dark Ocean.

    The fourth movie is dedicated to further world-building. The fifth is about the last bits of the resistance mounting a final attack on Queen Kari's stronghold - Tai alone coming face to face with her. That is when she explains a shocking truth - everything he has lived through those past weeks isn't the first time the Dark Ocean has invaded. It's invaded "normal spacetime" as she calls it thousands of times, the events coming undone each time so it can begin again. Just as ZeedMillenniummon's war all came undone.

    The sixth movie is about Dagomon and Hikari ending everything. The ruined world where Tai, Sora, Izzy and Cody are the last surviving Digidestined ceases to be, and a new timeline takes its place. In that world, the Digimon haven't been around on earth for over a year's time. A brand new adventure begins when a girl named Meiko and her partner Meicoomon comes into their lives.

    I have no illusions that this would be anything other than a grimdark nightmare of a series, but that's what I would make of Tri.

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    If this just turns into people throwing up random fanfic content it'll be locked, as there is an entire section for that.
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    There's some key things I would change. I'll get the one thing that bugs me the most about the movies out of the way first. The movie posters. I am not a fan of seeing Imperialdramon vs. Rosemon and Vikemon on the cover of the movie poster. "What? Imperialdramon? Does that mean the 02 kids are. . .?" No. None of that. Nevermind it killing the suspense of the movie as a whole. So what happens in the movie? Well they have to isolate Palmon and Gomamon with Imperialdramon (remember him, he's from 02, watch this movie!) Then bam they digivolve. Just like the poster showed us. Oh looks like the Dark Masters are back in part 4. I don't have the answers for what the posters should be like, but for the record I do like both of Reunion posters, Coexistence poster, and Future poster (with regular Omegamon.)

    Second. I'd tone it down on the nostalgia. Heh. . .hear me out. Our nostalgia can easily come from the chosen and their partners. I do not need unexplained(?) Imperialdramon randoming his way into the movie. I do not need emotionless cardboard cut outs of the Dark Masters showing up. Hell, I definitely don't need Leomon showing up to die for no apparent reason especially when the reaction from the Chosen isn't 'LEOOOMON!' but just "Wow, I didn't see that coming. Meicoomon sure shocked me. . .wait did we know the guy who died?" What if Patamon was struck instead? Now he's infected and the chosen have a real internal conflict. Takeru, how are you going to react to Meiko now? Ya know?

    Third. Cut down on keeping the audience guessing. These are movies and not a TV show. Slow build up honestly isn't warranted here. IMO I feel only 1, 3, 5, and 6 felt like they were trying to be a movie (or are these classified as Premium Animations? I forget.) 2 and 4 felt like they were trying to be episodes of a show. Emperor is Gennai is not Gennai? Oh hey it doesn't matter. Yggdrassil is behind it all and clashing ideas with Homeostasis. Hey, Homeostasis won in the end. Believe us, it's in a throw away line at the very end. Pssst, Yggdrassil might as well have never been mentioned, but we knew that Digimon fans are familiar with it's concept so naturally. . .we had to name drop it.

    Fourth. These Digimon personalities. Woow. Just wow. If the Agumon in Tri replaced the Agumon of 02 they never would have discovered that BlackWarGreymon had a heart. Oh, and judging by BWG stomping on that flower, he would have stomped out Tri Agumon too. Though, honestly Tri Agumon would have never met BlackWarGreymon because he is so unable to function that he never would have traveled there. Tri Agumon would never have turned into SkullGreymon though. He would never have been FULL from overeating and would have probably come out on top against Etemon's Greymon. He is literally AINO. Agumon In Name Only. Machinedramon. MetalSeadramon. Leomon (to an extent. He's not a big offender.) Ogremon (though he was completely under control, so he gets a pass?) I'll probably give the other chosen digimon a chance because well they weren't so bad.

    Anyway. I loved Tri, because I love Adventure. But as a die-hard fan, I'll always want to see things done better. But it's not feasible because my expectations are too high. I'll admit 02 and Tamers heavily disappointed (and in Tamers case, bored) me after adventure and showed me I would never get that feeling I got when watching Adventure for the first time. So I'll always want better even if the outcome is decent in it's own right.
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    What I would change, would be the graphics, it was bothering me throughout the show, especially the digivolving!

    Second, I would of have had the 02 kids have their faves shown at least once, the closest thing we saw was their shadows in the chambers.

    Third, the kids I thought were much too old, why call them chosen children, when they aren't even children.

    Fourth, I wanted to know more about the 5 kids before the digidestined with himekawa and nishijima.

    Besides those, I was pretty into the show.
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    They're still children since they're under 18

    but that's why I prefer Digidestined

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