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Thread: How would you have changed the tri movies

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    I want to start saying that I loved the movies, TOEI could have just moved on but they decided (with partners) to give us a closure of what we have always loved. Unfortunately IMO it failed to give any conclusions at all. Man I loved, REALLY loved how it all began until the reset. From there on I sadly felt this was a fill-in in a Digimon story. I am not satisfied with the end product, but I am not mad at all, I am happy as hell of seeing all characters I love once again. I will give my liver if they made another 6 chapter that goes nowhere.

    But because they won't, I was expecting so many closures that did not happen, that disappointed me in the end. Loved it, but I'm just frustrated because it could have been so much better !!

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    Digimon Tri need More Action , Fighting Scenes

    also new feature beside evolution
    Atsumaru Kokoro wa Tatakau Tsuyosa ni Naru Yo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DudeMon View Post
    Digimon Tri need More Action , Fighting Scenes

    also new feature beside evolution
    This, tri was completely lacking compared to regular seasons of digimon in term of plot and fighting/action. Like I could do without 15 minutes of cooking, 10 minutes of eating, 5 minutes of people looking glum while cicadas croaked in the background. I skipped through the talking scenes and just started the play again at fighting scenes and still understood everything that happened.

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    Let someone work out a script for someone who really knows the show.

    As mentioned:

    Edit background around children from 02. What they did with them was really pitiful. Even if only a mention was made that they had gone to the Digital World some time ago and Taichi and others had lost contact with them, it would have been better than what we had seen. We could add a few more words about futile attempts to contact and worry about them.

    Better process and explain reboot. Why did Piyomon change its nature? The conflict between her and Sora was completely different.

    Please, though I like Yggy, throw him out of the Tri. It works very cheesy. Especially with regard to materials around the series. Instead, pay more attention to Eniac. Or explain what happened to him. Okay, so Homestasis with Yggy is playing and Eniac drinks coffee somewhere in the background. A lot of fans upset this fact. Just because all the time the kids knew about the existence of the Digital World, they were not even told about Yggdrasill. And one thing is and wants to wipe out humanity. Please work with Eniac or pay more attention to Yggy. And explain his presence more than just being, and it's a crazy killing AI. So, either you accept the set concept or explain it.

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