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Thread: Digital Monster X Video Preview, 1st look at Diablomon X, Better Look at Sakuyamon X

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    Digital Monster X Video Preview, 1st look at Diablomon X, Better Look at Sakuyamon X

    Videos are always fun!

    In this roughly 11 minute video, we get to see Big Dreamer Taoka and Victory Uchida preview the upcoming Digital Monster X.

    Much of it is them going over product details and gameplay, but there are a few fun new things of note (and possibly more once we get a proper translation of the video.)

    It's worth mentioning that the booklet they look through appears to be the original booklet from the era of the Pendulum X, not the new 'updated' Digital Monster X booklet, just showing the kind of content it had.

    First up...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Diablomon X-Antibody!

    Our first look at this new version of the well known Digimon, designed by As'Maria has a significantly different look than the classic Diablomon, while keeping a number of touches that make him still recognizable.

    On top of that...

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    A proper look at Sakuyamon X-Antibody, designed by Kenji Watanabe!

    We only previously got to see her from a shikishi drawn by Kenji Watanabe, but now that we have a full look at her, she looks quite a bit more impressive now that we can see all the detailing.

    Sakuyamon X is exclusive to the Digital Monster X Black, while Diablomon X is in both the Black and White..

    More Digital Monster X details to come no doubt...

    Details on pre-ordering the Digital Monster X can be found here and here.
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    Oh wow, Diaboromon X looks tight! I didn't realize how much X-Antibody stuff we'd be getting. I really gotta rewatch the movie...

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    I'm going digital Jaybird C's Avatar
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    I dunno how I feel about all of the extra gold and eyeballs in Diablomon's design, but his expression is positively bonkers and it suits him well.

    Is the white in Sakuyamon X supposed to invoke her Miko Mode? Very nice to look at, but the way the hair falls in the sketch makes her look a little thick at the neck, which I imagine doesn't matter and merely needs a more dynamic pose.
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    I'm a Maniac CoDL's Avatar
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    Wow Diablomon looks demonic and that definitely suits him. This might be my favorite of the new X-Antibody designs

    Sakuyamon X doesn't look all that different from the original, but I still really like the design. It's a little fan-servicey (I mean basically not at all which is kinda refreshing) but not nearly as bad as I was expecting from the shikishi
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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Diablomon X looks simply amazing! Not sure if it was intentional but its new mouth/grin reminds me a lot of Summer Wars' Love Machine. If so then that's a nice reverse-homage they put there

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    I'm going digital Deep Saver's Avatar
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    Diablomon X is such a crazy design, it really invokes a "final boss" feeling. Sakuyamon X is also pretty nice, WAY better than I expected it would look from that one image we saw earlier.

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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    Diaboromon looks kinda ridiculous lol

    Sakuyamon looks pretty good though. The dragons seem interesting though I recall her having them in her normal mode

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    Junior Commander
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    Jul 2018
    Diablomon X seems very mystical with the meditation-like pose and the eyes attack shown in the bottom right corner. It might have drawn inspiration from Hindu beings like asuras or rakshasas, considering the extra arms and the overall ornate design along with the mentioned mysticism.

    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    The dragons seem interesting though I recall her having them in her normal mode
    Those are foxes. Pipe foxes, or kuda-kitsune, to be exact.
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    I come from the net
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    I kinda knew Diabkomon X would get more extra hands from the old concert art of Diablomon where there are so many hands stored within its shoulders.
    But he is way crazier with that appearance! More eyes and he is no longer "toad" and now he grew a tadpole tail. How cute.
    I cannot tell which parts on those "eyes" located all over its whole body are extra eyes or laser cannons like that chest laser cannon....

    Sakuyamon X's ghost fox spirits. I still know she still have those colorful ones but... There are new mini ones with gray color... Look like it's her Baby form?

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    Red shirt DazzleDream's Avatar
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    Wow Diablomon x looks really nice! Even better than I was expecting!

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