More Battle Spirits!

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With the newest Battle Spirits Digimon Collaboration Booster set only a month and a half away, we are beginning to get more images and info!

Digimon Kimero! Card Slash!, the newest booster, is based on Digimon Tamers. We got a preview of more artwork earlier this week in fact.

A promotional poster image has been given out showing a few new details, and a better look at the fantastic Dukemon Crimsom Mode art.

We can also see the Guilmon art the set was announced with, a Takato card, a D-Ark card, and a Red Card card.

On top of that the Battle Spirits site updated with a few new details!

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First up, an official card count...

The set is officially said to have "69+3" cards for a total of 72:
Common- 30 cards
Rare- 24 cards
Master Rare- 8 cards
X Rare- 6 cards
XX Rare- 1 cards
Campaign- 3 cards

They also confirm that while the normal 6 card booster packs will be released on November 24th, the 4 card vending machine packs are just scheduled for 'late November.'

The last detail for now is they confirm cards from the new set will be allowed in tournaments beginning on November 24th.

Previous details for Digimon Kimero! Card Slash! can be found here.