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Thread: ReArise Updates- Story and VA Updates, Lots of Lopmon

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    ReArise Updates- Story and VA Updates, Lots of Lopmon

    Time for some ReArise updates!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    And all the updates are Lopmon related!

    First up, ReArise is adding Chapter 14 of it's story, which involves Chihiro and the Lopmon who has been shown in various materials.

    A synopsis of Chapter 14:
    One rainy day, Chihiro finds a lone Lopmon just outside of her cafe, Truffle. Apparently, Lopmon was searching for its partner, from whom it was separated. Chihiro couldn't bring herself to ignore Lopmon, who was wet and shivering from the rain, and so she said that she would join you all in the search near the Digital Point...!?

    On top of that, we finally know who is voicing Lopmon in the game.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Lopmon is voiced by Nanami Yamashita, likely best known as Miku in Darling in the Franxx and Nanami in Wake Up Girls.

    And last up...

    ReArise is doing another shikishi campaign (they've been doing these quite a bit since the game was announced.)

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The newest one features shikishi from Yukiko Morishita (Chihiro, and Meicoomon in tri.) and Nanami Yamashita (Lopmon.)

    It's relatively easy and only open to those in Japan. Follow the Digimon ReArise Twitter and retweet this tweet by the end of October 9th.

    Thanks to Gamer JP for some additional info and garm for translations.
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    Neat, that's everyone from the trailer now. I'm sad neither Lopmon or Pumpkinmon was Nozomi's partner.
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    Do we have synopses for the previous 13 chapters?
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    They seem just perfect to each others as partners.... Shame. But this is just beginning. So I have nothing to say.

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    I hope this game gets a global release soon

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    I suspect that Lopmon's true partner will be significant to the plot in some fashion...

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    That Shikishi doesnt really look that great lol

    Hope our protagonists digivolve to Ultimate/Mega Soon because i want the Porcupine's Mega on my team since debut but he is stuck at Champion Dx

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