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Thread: Adventure Halloween Pop-Up Shop Product Info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NekoHaruko View Post
    Demidevimon for smash confirmed lol. Interesting choice though... Why not make the egg wizarmon? Just seems odd it's a digimon you wouldn't expect to be popular
    In some of the other egg themed stuff Tailmon's egg is shown wearing Wizarmon's hat... if the mystery egg was wearing the hat in those cases, Wizarmon would clearly have been the first guess. But I guess in this context PicoDevimon was judged more fitting for the spotlight in this set... Wizarmon might be all about western-ish magic but PicoDevimon moreso embodies that more mischievous spirit of Halloween.
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    (You inverted the description text for the tags and the "shoe" keychains )

    Those wrapping cloths are kind of amazing. So quirky, but fun. And those socks are nice too, but I'm not really an ankle socks kinda guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlankShell View Post
    (You inverted the description text for the tags and the "shoe" keychains )
    Actually, I had put the images in the wrong place. That's fixed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    These 8 metal keychains feature the date the kids ended up in the digital world. Along with that we get silhouettes, crest symbols, and colors for each kid, plus a bit of digimoji that I can't make out at the moment. Each is 800 yen.
    The best I can make out is the top part of the keychains is the name of the crest. For example Kari's translates to hikari which according to google translates as light, and Izzy's is chishiki, knowledge.
    Unfortunately those are the only parts I could make out. When we can some better images I will gladly translate more.

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    Just think about if we could actually get all these. Ha. But they're really nice. And gave Vande a new avatar. Ha ha ha.

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    Salamon coming out of an egg. Hikari listed as going to the Digital World on the same date as the other seven Digidestined.


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