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Thread: Help/ brainstorming with Cyber Sleuth AU

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    Just a quick update since it will probably be a couple of weeks before I post again.

    • So far I have re checked exactly how the schools systems work and differ in Jpan from those of the UK.
    • Currently trying to see what the final high school exams are like also.
    • I have looked a little bit into Fagotto (which is the brass instrument Eito plays).
    • I have just started to look around Tokyo on google maps.
    • Have started to think more about the world building already in both Cybersleuth games.

    I will go into more detail later.

    Ok so futher update:
    • I'm still trying to look a various places in Tokyo.
    • I have started to look up some key facts about surfing.
    • I have looked up common Japanese stereotypes to make sure I am avoiding them.
    • I will be starting the first chapter in the next week or so.
    • The first chapter will probably be when Tsukiya meets Niji and Pafu.

    Off to writing I go.

    Just a quick up date that I have started to finally write the first chapter.

    Just writting to say I am still around. Been working on the start of Geography A level online and work related things. Should finally have ther first chapter done in about another 2 weeks.

    Something has come up, not sure when I will have it finished as I am having to look for a new home. I will be hanging around the site more from tommorow onwards.
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