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Thread: Do you think meiko should appear in future adventure installments

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    We don't know if it's still set in stone since sora and matt did break up in the beginning of tri.

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    for continuation sake I would love to see her again in the future installments as well for the other cast that appears in 02 including all the minor character if it suits the stories. but for me I hope they don't bring meicoomon back again as it will ruin the rules that already set in the world.P rolly make her appear as a ghost like wizardmon in 02 but revived? nope.unless the future plot really need to make her back which I really doubt they prolly would just introduce another new digimon for merchandising sake.

    Maybe it's just me but I also hoping the future installment will include how they develop the politics and dynamics of the Real x Digital world and explain how the epilogue of 02 will be realized

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