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Thread: More Survive Details from Extended Famitsu Interview with producers Habu & Tsuzuki

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    It all seems to be shaping up rather nicely. <3

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    Habu says the setting of this game barely has anything digital in it, and it would be more like the wild nature of an isolated island. Therefore the 100 Digimon 'plus' available in the game will be limited to those who fit that setting.
    So I take it that none of my favorite mons will be in this game, lol. Oh well.

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    By Digimon that fits thwe setting does he mean mostly animal and Kaiju Digimon vs. Humanoid, royal knight like? Because that would be awesome.

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    Eh, so apparently even I am younger than their target audience for Survive? Yet another reason for my little brother not to buy this game. Hopefully, 2019 will bring some much-needed money to my wallet, so that I buy this anyway. I also wonder, given how overpowered the Switch is, and given the rumour that we're getting a better, 4K Switch next year, if the new producer who's taking over from Habumon considers bringing the newer Digimon games to the Switch. Hopefully, sometime down the line, we get a Hacker's Memory port to the Switch a la Re:Digitize Decode. Also, sorry for the long OT.
    That being said, I'm kinda glad we'll be able to Digivolve and De-Digivolve during battles. It's a mechanic I liked very much in the Digimon Adventure PSP game, and I would love to see something similar here too. What I think they mean by 'playing through the game more than once to unlock different evolution routes' is basically similar to what they did in Re:Digitize and the Digimon Adventure PSP game, with the New Game+ and the New Game++. Also, since the roster of Digimon is so small, I sincerely hope they bring in some pretty strong Megas. I never got to buy a PS4, so I'd love to experience a Digimon game in HD on the Switch. Overall, I'm sufficiently hyped, and I can't wait for us to get another, detailed trailer.

    P.S.: Do we know when the game is releasing, minus the fact that it's releasing some time next year?
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    You keep mentioning there's a new director "taking over Habu", but I'm not sure why? if you mean the producer brought in, he's just a sub producer working under Habu to help him out due to how many games are going on at once

    also, 22 will still be the age range theyre aiming at, its more 18+ than just 25+. funnily enough ill be 25 when it comes out, so that's good lol

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