Some more escape room updates!

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After a few different escape room updates over the last few days we have even more, so a new thread seemed warranted.

The above thread also has all the previous information we have on the escape room.

As for new stuff...

First up, while we knew all participants would get 1 out of 9 random stickers, we didn't know the price.

It's 1,080 yen per person.

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Then beginning October 5th a selection of drinks with a coaster and straw clip for 600 yen. These will be blindpacked, so you don't get to choose which of the 9 you get.

The drink list for this is:
Orange Juice
Apple Juice
Oolong tea
Coffee (hot or cold)
Tea (hot or cold)

At the moment it isn't clear if this is the 'event' drink menu since these drinks are all on the standard cafe menu.

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Last up are exclusive products for the event that will be made available beginning on November 2nd.

There are 9 can badges, each with the same design as the stickers and on the straw clip. These are random and roughly 2.1 inches in diameter.

In addition there will be a clear file featuring the new Taichi and Agumon artwork.

Can badges and the clear file are each 400 yen.

Thanks to garm for some translation help.

Prior details, including the dates the escape room is being held, can be found here.