A decent chunk of news in the last few days...

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So a small news index might be helpful!

First up...

Various News Bits- We got updates regarding Sistermon Ciel and some changes to official Twitter accounts.

A detailed preview of Digivolving Spirits AtlurKabuterimon
- One of the nicest Digivolving Spirits figures is about to come out, so we get a very detailed preview!

Another AtlurKabuterimon Preview- He's so nice... they did it twice! This one also includes some small bonus things that are fun.

Expanded Story and Character Details for Digimon Survive- More detailed versions of info we had.

Digital Monster X- Pre-orders are open and we have tons of details! They look fun.

Digimon Toy and Game Livestream- Lots of updates and information on toys and games. We also found out which two Digimon won the X-Antibody fan vote!

The livestream had two primary 'new' products shown off that needed their own threads though...

Digivolving Spirits 08 BlackWarGreymon- The first repaint won't surprise anyone. That pre-orders open so soon might though...

Omegamon Merciful Mode Figure Announced- A rather gorgeous Digimon Adventure tri. figure.