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Thread: Digital Monster X Images, Info, and Pre-Order Details! Plus New Digimon!

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    I come from the net
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    That could be really cool. Like how Ouryumon is a sword.

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    Jul 2017
    Why not fuse in TigerVespamon with Alphamon? Then have Alphamon, Ouryumon and TigerVespamon fuse together.
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    Oh man, excellent picks for new Xevolutions. Nice distribution of classic, new, popular and high-powered: Beelle Starrmon is like a dream pick for me, especially since they gave her those fluffy shōjo manga-style wings. Now my fantasy head canon pairing of Beelle Starrmon and Beelzebumon as the ultimate forms of Pal and Pul can evolve to paired seventh-tier forms. And of course, since every female humanoid digimon is a sex kitten, Xevolution means that she loses even more clothes, LOL. I知 sure some people will bitch about that, but hey. Diavolomon X is gonna look rad as hell; like Venom VamDemon Undead, it値l be nice to give a classic villain an alternative super ultimate that痴 closer to his original ultimate form. I just hope they flesh out the lines for all the lower-level X-antibodies they create: I知 sure we値l get Examon X eventually, but I壇 love to see the rest of the Dracomon line too.
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