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Thread: Survive Details from Famitsu, Plus Update on Next Digimon Story

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    Survive Details from Famitsu, Plus Update on Next Digimon Story

    Time for some Survive updates!

    The new issues of Weekly Famitsu has a preview of Digimon Survive, along with an interview with producers Katsuaki Tsuzuki and Kazumasa Habu.

    Many of the details in the interview restate things we've been told before, but with a few new details. Although honestly the information feels more than a bit like a 'fluff piece' in that there is honestly very little we didn't know.

    In Digimon Survive, characters could die depending on your choices. Story developments will occur that could not easily be done in the anime.
    While this doesn’t mean that there are ton of branched endings, there are scenario branches that occur during the story based on an accumulation of detailed choices made by the player.
    Currently, the story is divided into three routes. We’re thinking it would be nice to also include a bonus route.
    Even during battles, the status of enemies and allies, as well as victory conditions will change depending on the choices you make.
    Digivolutions will also change depending on scenario choices.
    There are a total of 100 Digimon, plus extras. Rather than place importance of the number of Digimon, we’re choosing Digimon that match the atmosphere of the world.
    We would like to continue to expand the world of game-original Digimon in the future.
    Development is currently 30 percent complete.

    On top of that they, they reconfirm that a new Story game is being made...

    A new Digimon Story is currently in development, but development still has some time to go. For that reason, Digimon Survive is being made as new Digimon content to be offered before that. We would be happy if it can turn into the third series of Digimon games.

    The interview as printed in Famitsu was an abridged version (to fit into space requirements.) The full version of the interview will be made available at the Famitsu website in the future.

    Thanks to Hachima Kikou for the info and Gematsu for the translations.
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    Only 30%? ...it's gonna be a while then. I was thinking it'd be around 70-80% done. Guess it'll be mid to late 2019.

    I wish the fighting games were the third series.

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    The game sounds great! I really like the ideas they are presenting us. A mature story driven game in which our actions actually have consequences, and feels like the anime in terms of progress and character growth.

    Hopefully it’s a success and we can get World (Vpet style), Story (JRPG), and Survive (VN SRPG) as the three pillars of the series.

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    Assuming we do not have an official discussion thread for this game yet, I'm going to leave this here:

    I was wondering about potential alternate evolutions. I've considered five for each here, but I guess three paths would be more plausible/manageable, like a normal, a perfect and a dark path.

    Agumon obviously could have Greymon, GeoGreymon, Greymon-O and maybe also Tyranomon and DarkTyranomon.
    Unless they go with evolutions from Digimon World and also give him Meramon etc.

    For Labramon there's Siesamon, Dobermon, Dogmon, perhaps Fangmon, and maybe something as obscure as Baromon? (edit: Sangloupmon would also make sense, I guess) I'd rather they don't go with Garurumon.

    For Falcomon there's Peckmon, of course, and then perhaps I'd go with Diatrymon, Dinohumon, Kokatorimon and Owlmon.

    Good to read that they mention the concept of game-original digimon, perhaps some of the options are actually new designs.
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