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Thread: Post your unpopular opinions

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    Quote Originally Posted by AguChamp View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by wildwing64 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Heck, I didn't play RA2 either.
    You're not missing much. It was basically a low budget version of Super Smash Bros.

    (Edited to add: ) Rumble Arena 2 was my first Digimon videogame, and for years it was also the only one I owned. It was alright for what it was, but it also didn't leave me with a great first impression of Digimon games in general. World 1 and Cyber Sleuth eventually changed that, although I was late to the party for both.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tortoiseshel View Post
    Izumi, a strong girl? She's one of the weakest, worst-written, worst-treated-by-the-narrative female characters in all of Digimon. She routinely got her ass handed to her, always had to be rescued by one of the boys, and only got one kill in the entire season, which was of course against the only other major female character. Literal crybaby Himi Tomoki was (allowed by the writers to be) more competent than her. I'm not saying you can't like her, hell I like her too, but it's more in spite of what the writers did with her, and certainly not because she's strong.

    Not only this, but aside from at most a handful of other episodes and one or two character traits, she had no real development over the course of the entire series. Not that the rest of the cast was much better, but she really got the short end of the stick in comparison. She was the girl, but also she was half-Italian. Yay.

    It's not that I dislike Izumi, far from it. But the writers never gave me a reason to care about her.



    - Speaking of Frontier: two of the filler episodes (the ones with Burgermon and the Trailmon Graveyard) were the only ones that I genuinely enjoyed. The Other Three had a fun dynamic without Takuya and Koji around and it's too bad we didn't see more of this.
    - Yeah, the whole Royal Knights/Yggdrasil thing feels like it's been done one too many times (to the point where I've very deliberately written them out of my fanfic). However, I don't see what difference focusing on the Olympus XII instead will make if the writers just end up doing the same ol' shtick with them. I only hope that they won't end up being the Royal Knights Version 2.0
    - Now here's one regarding the new v-pets. Not sure how unpopular this is, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway; I enjoyed the Version 20th v-pets way more than I am the Ver. 20th Pendulums. Yeah, jogressing is fun and the shaking mechanic is interesting, albeit very hit-or-miss. But button-mashing should have been an option too. The lack of codes and a D-1 website is a step back and it's giving me less incentive to try for every single Digimon. The only real improvement is the fridge replacing the 3-hour nap. It's still great, but not as great as what came before it.

    Digimon really needs some variety in it's designs, sexy, cool, and cute are getting real stale. Variety is the spice of life.

    With the V-Pet, that's my biggest Pendulum criticism. It's 2018, but we still haven't realized the obvious benefits of Internet communication? It can only create a community, why segment already segmented fans as opposed to build your community? Why is a franchise with heavy universe ties to the internet so odd when it comes to connecting it's fans? Tbh WtW was a saving grace for me, no idea how else I'd find out about other Digimon fans and have the strength to interact with them.

    That was definetly what bothered me with Frontier. The cast felt underdeveloped and basically had the same flaws as some PR/Sentai teams. Just promote the cool ones, not the rest of the cast.
    I like Izumi in concept, but her execution is awful. We went from Tamers furthering the already good female characters Digimon had, to a joke that the writers clearly had no legitamite choices for except "get her out of the boy's way" and "that Kazemon ass shot could be longer! "

    It's understandable that Digimon IS a primarily boys targeted franchise, but it's a real slap in the face not just to female viewers, but also older male viewers who catch on. This sort of obvious Red and Blue Ranger favoritism broke my immersion completely, where as past seasons handled it with more grace and better foundation.
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    As for the "bad girls" concept, I definetly agree. I think any character needs more than a personality concept to be interesting
    Yes I totally agree with you at this point Faye's personality needs more than a personal concept to be interesting
    best regards
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    I like the Adventure dub. The corny jokes and puns are what make Digi, Digimon!

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    I actually like Daisuke as a character, despite his lack of development in 02.

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    I don't know how 'unpopular' is this but, Frontier is better than Xros Wars IMO.

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    Unpopular opinions:I enjoyed Digimon the Movie, watched it over and over. The OST was great too!

    I loved Frontier! Story, lore and character wise it was rich! Much better than everything that came after at the very least. Would have preferred the tamers biomerging with flamon, strabimon, kokabuterimon etc though.

    Since their appearance, the Royal Knights have taken over everything! Sick to death with these overrated and uninteresting bodyguards. I wish they would focus on the 7 Demon Lords or the other Celestial Digimon. I hope the Olympos XII and Aegiomon are featured heavily in what ever comes next. Not another effing Royal Knight form and enough with Omnimon and Gallantmon. Move on fandom!

    Too many waifus! Sakuyamon-X etc, it all gets a bit too much. I get that they're trying to appeal to hormonal teenage boys but female Digimon can have badass designs without being naked!

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    I'm not sick of Omegamon per se, but I do agree that we probably don't need more variations of him (however, I'm quite fond of Alter-S and Merciful Mode).

    Which brings me to what may be another unpopular opinion. We definitely do not need a VictoryGreymon/Z'dGarurumon version.

    I mean, Victory is essentially WarGreymon with Omegamon's sword. And Z'd is MetalGarurumon with Omegamon's cannon. Put the two together and, what exactly would set them apart from regular Omegamon? Would they just look a bit different, or would they merely be yet another stronger form of Omegamon? What would be the point?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amandil7 View Post
    Unpopular opinions:I enjoyed Digimon the Movie, watched it over and over. The OST was great too!
    I would agree that Digimon the Movie is good and would even have been perfect had they chopped off the Hurricane Touchdown part and left it for a later movie. I still rewatch the Digimon movie every once in a while but always stop after Our War Game part ends.

    The dub was also legit good, I absolutely loved Tai and Izzy's back and forth: "What are you doing Izzy?" "Do you know what a semi-conductor is?" "A person who works part time on a train?"

    I also own the OST to the dub movie and I unapologetically rock out to it. <3

    Aside from that, my favourite of all the Digimon movies remains Revenge of Diaboromon.

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    I still listen to the Digimon: The Movie soundtrack, except I skip most of the shitty Digimon songs. The rest of it was pretty good.
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    I was watching a video on Sonic X and now I think Digimon could have been fine if they went into space like Kakudou wanted. I mean, Sonic X did it. And it was the best season.

    That and I read a story about how Godzilla was turned into a spaceship.

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    "Sonic GT" is the best story? ...That sounds like an unpopular opinion. heh heh But I can't really figure out how space would work for Digimon.

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