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Thread: Character Archetypes Discussion

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    Character Archetypes Discussion

    By Archetypes, I mean certain molds the various characters fit into. I don't know if they've been discussed to the extent the Goggle Head and Lone Wolf archetypes have been, or even if there are those at all.

    For starters, there's the Goggle Head archetype, which (almost) always the main character with goggles who has a red/orange color scheme and a reptilian Digimon for a partner. Personality wise, they tend to be hotheads, but brave.
    Adventures/tri.: Taichi and Agumon. The codifiers, from which most of the next few characters take inspiration from. They're the only one's to be the main protagonists for series (unless you count Xros Wars as three separate series)
    Adventures 02: Daisuke and V-Mon. The only duo whose main color is blue.
    Tamers: Takato and Guilmon.
    Frontier: Takuya. He doesn't have a Digimon partner, but even so, he's one of only two main protagonists whose Digimon (or form in his case) is not reptilian in any way.
    Savers: Masaru and Agumon. The only Goggle Head that lacks goggles. The nerve of this man. He's loud and proud, and isn't afraid to get into fighting Digimon. Unlike the others though, he has some family issues.
    Xros Wars: Taiki and Shoutmon.
    Young Hunters: Tagiru and Gumdramon.
    App Monsters: Haru and Gatchmon. The only other one who's Digimon partner is not a reptile, though I'm not really sure what Gatchmon is supposed to be. A cat?
    tri.: Special mention to Daigo and Bearmon. He seemed to be the goggle boy for the original Chosen Children.

    Then there's the Lone Wolf/Lancer/Rival character archetype. Usually, they go off on their own, have a blue color scheme, and a canine-like Digimon partner. Though, of course, there's variance and a bit of questioning in regards to who fits where.
    Adventures/tri.: Yamato and Gabumon. Like Tai and Agumon, they are the codifiers without much variance, though it should be noted that, unlike the others, Yamato starts as part of the main group, while still keeping the lone wolf characteristics.
    Adventures 02: Ken and Wormmon. Some say Takeru and Patamon are this, but its obvious Ken is the closer pick. While his main color is black, and Wormmon isn't really a canine, he still goes off on his own and is the main ally of the Goggle Head, like a couple others on this list.
    Tamers: Ruki and Renamon. The only girls on this list.
    Frontier: Kouji. Like Takuya, he lacks a partner, but his Digimon forms are still canine in nature, though some with a but of humanoid mixed in.
    Savers: Thoma and Gaomon.
    Xros Wars: Kiriha and Greymon. Another one who lacks a canine partner, interestingly having a partner of the original Goggle Head. Though he keeps the blue color scheme.
    Young Hunters: Ryouma and Psychemon. There's some debate over this, mostly because there is not a lot done with Ryouma, but he still counts. His color scheme is green.
    App Monsters: Rei and Hackmon. Again, he lacks a blue Digivice, with his being black. Otherwise, he fits.

    The one that sticks out to me is the, for lack of a better term, Sixth Ranger character (or would it be Eight Chosen Child?), ie the character that joins the main cast late and tend to have something special about them. It isn't as clear cut as the others though.
    Adventures/tri.: Hikari and Tailmon.
    Adventures 02: Ken and Wormmon. He kinda fits two archetypes, with being both a Sixth Ranger and a Lone Wolf.
    Tamers: Ryo and Cyberdramon. Though he's not the last to become a Tamer, he's the last introduced, and is the only one of the "Extra Tamers" who reaches the Ultimate level.
    Frontier: Kouichi.
    Savers: Ikuto and Falcomon. Like Ryo, he's the last one introduced, and is the only one aside from the main cast who reaches the Burst Mode.
    Xros Wars: Yuu and Damemon. Again, there's some debate, but I think he fits the mold the best.
    Young Hunters: No one really fits into this. Maybe some of the one-offs, but they are too minor to count.
    App Monsters:
    Yujin and Offmon.
    tri.: Meiko and Meicoomon.

    Are there any others?

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    innocent, kind of spoiled girls:
    Adventure/Tri: Mimi
    Adventure 02: Yolei/Jun (Davis' sister)
    Tamers: Jeri, Suzie
    Frontier: Zoe
    Savers: Kirstie (Marcus' little sister)
    Xros Wars/Young Hunters: Airu Susaki
    App Monsters: Eri Karan

    Also smart/intelligent ones:
    Adventure/Tri: Izzy
    Adventure 02: Cody/Yolei
    Tamers: Henry
    Frontier: Kouji?
    Savers: Thoma
    Xros Wars/Young Hunters: Kudo Taiki
    App monsters: Rei & especially Hajime

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    Not necessarily an archetype in the sense that you're using, but the "younger sibling" trope is pretty prevalent throughout Digimon; every season has a major character that has/is/was (sorry Ken!) a sibling and that relationship has a direct impact on the plot and course of events.

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    How about the underdogs?
    01: Matt and possibly Joe.
    02: Davis
    Tamers: Takato? He didn't seem the perfect leader
    Frontier: JP
    Data Squad: I'm not sure in this one. It's been awhile.
    Xros Wars: Probably all of them cept Taiki lol.
    Hunters: Tagiru

    Have not seen Appmon yet.

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    Eri and Dokamon actually count for the loner archetype as well even if they aren't loners. Blue digivice, mammalian partner, and sort of at odds with the hero(if only slightly).

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    The lion character who always dies:
    Adventure: Leomon
    Adventure 02: ?
    Tamers: Leomon
    Frontier: Koichi
    Savers: BanchoLeomon
    Adventure Tri: They still hate Leomon the most (lol)

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    Oujamon from App looked a lot like a Leomon, did he ever have a near death experience or something?

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    Mentor archetype, i guess only few series have this
    Adventure: Joe? At least he was supposed to be since he's the oldest, there were also scenes of him wanting to be more reliable as a senior.
    02: Koushiro or basically any of the 01 kids that's already junior high school students.
    Tamers: not sure..
    Frontier: probably none.. or you could always give it to Ophanimon
    Savers: BanchouLeomon, Satsuma, Yushima
    XW: not sure
    Hunter: Definitely Taiki and to some extent, Yuu.
    Appmon: Den'emon maybe.
    Tri: Maki and Daigo.

    Ok, since i've given example that by standard of previous posts and original post quite different since it list characters outside of "main characters" and "secondary characters", so i want to ask, is this restricted to human character only, "main characters" only, non-main characters but quite often appeared in series, or even includes "non-main characters that quite often appeared but always being taken as a joke character"?

    Anyway, some series has "joke character" archetype
    Adventure: not sure, but pretty sure not from 16 main characters
    02: Probably daisuke
    Tamers: Hirokazu and Kenta
    Frontier: Junpei, Bokomon, and Neemon.
    Savers: reincarnated Gotsumon (?)
    Xros Wars: probably Zenjirou
    Hunter: not sure
    Appmon: that "NOOOOO!" afro guy
    Tri: AlwaysHungrymon i mean Agumon

    "The girl" also pretty much become archetype in a series where there's only one female character.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperStarlite View Post
    Oujamon from App looked a lot like a Leomon, did he ever have a near death experience or something?
    He died against Beautymon on their first meeting... well, died as Dokamon. But in all fairness, the other 3 main characters also "died" at that episode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperStarlite View Post
    Oujamon from App looked a lot like a Leomon, did he ever have a near death experience or something?
    He temporarily dies in an episode along with all the buddy appmon

    also there's the one who has the most darkness about them or who suffers the most archetype
    takeru(although i'm not sure about that.)
    yuu(who's a blatant rip off of ken.)

    cute mascot archetype:
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    How is Takuya forms not reptlian if his spirit is inherited of Ancient Greymon that is a Dinosaur, and he has Vritramon that has dragon attributes and is even named after a mythological dragon, and Kaiser Greymon whose attacks also make allusion do dragons?

    Also, I consider the Tamer's Sixth Ranger to be Beelzebumon, it fits more him I guess.

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