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Thread: Trailer and Extras for tri. Part 6 Fathom Screening

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    Trailer and Extras for tri. Part 6 Fathom Screening

    Just a month left to wait...

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    tri. Part 6 in theaters is closely approaching, so Toei put up a short trailer on Twitter.

    It's a short trailer and doesn't have any voices, but the trailer does announce what the extras will be for the upcoming Fathom screening!

    We get a look back at parts 1 thru 5, along with cast interviews.

    Hopefully we get some details of who the cast interviews will be with soon.

    The Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 Fathom screening is September 20th, and tickets are on sale now.
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    I'm actually going to be able to make this one! Had assorted commitments for the first two, but I'm looking forward to catching this in the theater.

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