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Thread: tri. Part 6 Mentioned in Toei Fiscal Presentation

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    tri. Part 6 Mentioned in Toei Fiscal Presentation

    Who doesn't love financial reports?

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    Toei recently released presentation documents for the first quarter of their fiscal year 2019. (The first quarter of fiscal year 2019 for Toei is April thru June 2018.)

    In the report they go over various things from that quarter, and also reiterate publicly announced plans. There isn't much interesting to Digimon fans in it overall (they mention ReArise coming out, and Encounters, etc.) but there was one tidbit where tri. was mentioned prominently.

    Their video production and sales business, overall, was up 20.3% over the same period in fiscal year 2018. Their theatrical animation business was up even more (almost 200% of 2018.) This would include not just ticket sales, but also home video releases, as far as I'm aware.

    They attribute their significantly higher earnings for theatrical animation to 2 titles being hits: Pretty Cure Super Stars (part of the 15th Anniversary celebration of Pretty Cure. It had already begun it's theatrical release at the tail-end of fiscal 2018, but is included in the 2019 report) and Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6, which of course was the finale of Digimon Adventure tri.

    Based on the numbers we have from elsewhere: (These aren't in the report, just giving info we have.)
    Pretty Cure Super Stars did better in theaters (it was a significantly wider release, in over 200 theaters.)
    For DVD sales, both times came out roughly even.
    For Blu-ray numbers, tri. Part 6 did roughly 5x the sales of Pretty Cure.

    Being mentioned as a hit and a reason for their theatrical business doing so much better in a quarter is very good for Digimon
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    that's definitely good news! I can now expect more Digimon stuff from Toei for a while (hopefully more anime seasons)

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    Neat I'm glad it did well.

    Precure too, gotta love magical girls.

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    You know, even though Digimon is less popular than Pokemon and might never become as popular, it somehow stuck out this much (Approximately 21 years).
    Digimon can be viewed as a sort of coming of age story, that emphasizes on maturity and responsibilty, a mission in simple terms.
    Pokemon can be viewed as an escapist fantasy (While not bad in itself, it might be suffering with bad writing in the wrong hands) for kids to enjoy, where the world is fun and with no troubles and everybody is detached from responsibility (There are some exceptions iirc), it emphasizes on goals whether good or bad.
    Digimon has the better animes, which are the heart of the series, the thing that keeps it going.
    Pokemon has the better games, which are the heart of the series, the thing specific to Pokemon that keeps it going.
    Digimon is visually and story-wise appealing.
    Pokemon is interactivity and lore-wise appealing.
    Kind of hope that one day there is a crossover between the two one day, which could probably would boost both franchises popularities.
    Oh, it would be truly a golden age of monster fighting series'!

    TL;DR props to Digimon for standing out this much, even though it's not as popular as Pokemon, it's still got the most aesthetically pleasing visuals and the best stories. (Though, I did hear some people joined the fanbase due to Tri)
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    Removed the bait post any the chain that goes with it.

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    Glad to hear all of this brought them money. Now we can get more Digimon stuff. Interesting too.

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    since almost no one buys precure bluray disks I can relate that. Precure is much more popular in theater, coz you know, kids watch that.

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    Tri was flaming garbage.
    I hope they don't take this is a sign that it's great and that quality reflects Digimon moving forward.

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