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Thread: Odaiba Memorial 2018 Plus News Index

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    Odaiba Memorial 2018 Plus News Index

    Lots of various news due to Digimon Thanksgiving, with a bunch of stuff coming up.

    Decided to put up a thread for Odaiba Memorial, the same as in the past, to be nice and calm and relaxing (posted a bit early since for many people it's already 8/1.)

    Lots of stuff to be happy for soon, including new Digimon animation!

    I know lots of people do art or other things on 8/1, so if you want to share feel free. Or just share any Digimon memories you have if you want to.

    A lot of other fun stuff is coming up soon.

    We are also retweeting various Digimon art people are posting today over on our Twitter.

    Will update with anything interesting that shows up also, as various people involved with the brand tend to share fun things around 8/1.

    Update- The Bandai Digimon Twitter posted a new piece of fun art for the day!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Update- Hitomi Yoshida posted this...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The day the adventure began, August 1st. It's a special day for many people and me. I want everyone to have a good day today.

    Update- And a message from the official Digimon Adventure Twitter.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Adventure will evolve again.

    We hope to do various things for the 20th anniversary.

    Update- The Bandai Digimon Twitter also changed their background image.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Plus, will do this one last time for now since so much has popped up recently...

    A recent news index!

    Our podcast episode about all the recent news and Digimon Thanksgiving from a few days ago.

    Our Australian Blu-ray/DVD Contest ends in a few days

    A few things from the last few days...

    Digimon Survive from Thanksgiving Stream, Plus a Digimon Story Tidbit

    New Garurumon Shirt Available

    Survive Coming to Xbox One and Steam

    Digimon Survive Western Release Confirmed

    First up, items from or around Digimon Thanksgiving...

    New Digimon Anime Details- We started to get details early because of a website update. The new Digimon Adventure update will be a new theatrical project, with a few suprising staff members.

    BlitzGreymon Gashapon Figure- The first BlitzGreymon figure will be a premium gashapon figure.

    GEM Angewomon Figure in Color- After a bit of hilarity at WonFes, the Angewomon figure was on display at Digimon Thanksgiving.

    Digimon at Toei Animation Museum- Toei's new museum opened and there are some fun Digimon elements to it.

    Digimon Thanksgiving Updates, and Digimon Survive Trailer- The Digimon Thanksgiving stream had a lot of little news, and showing off things we saw. Most got their own thread, but since it had a decent amount of Survive content, we put the trailer there.

    Digimon Frontier Blu-ray Box Announced- Digimon Frontier fans will finally get to own the series on Blu-ray!

    Digimon Adventure Escape Room Announced- A Digimon Adventure escape room will open in September in Japan.

    Digivolving Spirits Garudamon Prototype and Beelzebumon Art Shown- Target Nishizawa brought a Digivolving Spirits prototype with him to show off. Plus we get to see art of Beelzebumon!

    tri. Memorial Book Announced-A tri. Memorial Book will be published soon. Few details for now.

    Digimon Survive- After getting more clips and more info, giving Survive it's own thread seemed like a good idea. Some interesting stuff here.

    A few items from before Digimon Thanksgiving that you might have missed.

    MonMon Memo- The new MonMon Memory goes over the CSA Digivice and Terriermon plush.

    tri. Part 5 UK Contest Winners- Our UK contest ended, and the entries are fun. The art entry has to be seen to be believed.

    ReArise Updates- Images of a giant Digimon ReArise statue, plus info on a few promotions.

    Sora and Piyomon Glasses Delayed- The Glasses of Love from the Digimon Adventure tri. glasses line are being delayed a bit.

    The news index from a few days ago.

    CSA Digivice 1999- The newest CSA Digivice is based on the original Digivice from Digimon Adventure. It's currently up for pre-order.

    Mimi's Hat- A lifesize replica of Mimi's hat that also includes an audio device. It's also up for pre-order.

    Lifesize Terriermon Plush- After a number of lifesize tri. plushes, fans of Tamers can order a lifesize Terriermon. Also up for pre-order.

    Digimon Adventure Crest Pattern Ties- Two new professional looking ties that feature a pattern with the crests from Digimon Adventure. Up to order now.

    Digivolving Spirits Alphamon Out This Week, Extended Preview- With Digivolving Spirits Alphamon just a few days away, we get our best look yet at how this complicated figure transforms.

    Digivolving Spirits HolyAngemon in December? Plus Photos
    - Our best look yet at the newest Digivolving Spirits figure, plus the release date might not be what we thought. Update- We've gotten another image, a release date, and anime will be streamed to promote it.

    Various Smaller Updates:
    Digivolving Spirits and Statues on Display at Ani-Com
    GEM Angewomon Holy Arrow Version in full color will be on display at WonFes this weekend
    A GEM survey asking about a number of very interesting Digimon. Plus they want to know if we want a Digivice 01 from V-Tamer.
    X-Antibody fans will get to help decide new X-Antibody Digimon!

    Contest Winner- Digimon Squishable Plush- Our recent contest to win a Digimon Squishable plush ended, and the winning entry was pretty fun.
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    I'm a Maniac AppliFang's Avatar
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    Do we post here or via twitter?

    Nice seeing so many fans united like this ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by AppliFang View Post
    Do we post here or via twitter?

    Nice seeing so many fans united like this ^^
    Post wherever you want. Could post both if you wanted.
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    I can't see anything new being revealed today after all the stuff two days ago but I suppose I can always be in for a surprise

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Odaiba Memorial is very special for me this year because two weeks ago i had the pleasure to meet Ayumi Miyazaki and Ai Maeda in a event here in Brazil!! I had to go for São Paulo, a city in a different state than my city, it took 10 hours to get there, but every second and money were worth it for this!!
    I meet with both, and had the chance to give them flowers and letters. The show was incredible, Ai cryed in the whole show after they play the firsts lines of The Biggest Dreamer with Wada San, and when they arrive in Japan, AiM posted this on Twitter:
    Confira o Tweet de @ai_max: https://twitter.com/ai_max/status/1022512431656886272?s=09
    It meant a lot to me, especially so close to the Memorial.
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    I'm decked out in my Wizarmon/Tailmon shirt and will be wearing my crest as i'm at a game day today!

    When I get home, I'll attempt to watch a couple of Adventure Episodes.

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    I doubt I'll have the time for anything extravagant (on vacation, so my access to things is limited) but I did bring my D-Ark, so maybe I'll start raising something for a little bit .

    Happy first regardless, everyone.

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    The stars aligned this year and I got to go to Odaiba for Odaiba Memorial Day this year. Even better, I got to meet all of these great people, too!

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    Yooooo, there I am! :0

    Edited: Yoooo, that sunburn was way more visible than I thought it was.
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    Gosh I want that guy's Takuya shirt!

    Here's some art. Too large to post so have links:


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