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Thread: Digimon Frontier Blu-ray Box Announced

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    (the links aren't active at the time of posting, and Yodobashi doesn't have a link.)
    Page for Yodobashi Limited Edition (For the B2 cloth poster and tote bag)

    Yodobashi.com's page for the standard edition

    Yodobashi's page for Overseas customers (right now limited to those that reside in the 48 contiguous United States only)

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    Here the confirmation that Hiromi Seki will be again the producer of the exclusive CD Drama same as with Digimon Tamers 2018:

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    Man, I cannot believe they're actually doing this. I think the unreleased soundtrack being, well, released, though, is wishful thinking (which sucks because basically all of the unreleased tracks are my favorites).

    I also love how the trailer showed the original version of the opening and getting a clean version of that would be nice, since I'm pretty sure the released CDs have the 2nd version of the opening instead (where Duskmon isn't obscured at the end and other minor differences).

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