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Thread: Digi-Battle broken?

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    Digi-Battle broken?

    So I know Digi-Battle is a very unique game...and due to that uniqueness and the card design, I so want to love it. But as a kid I found it be broken. Maybe I was playing it wrong? The rules are a bit confusing. My main issue stemmed from the Regroup phase. Couldn’t you theoretically just discard and redraw cards until you got the exact same hand again with the exact same Digimon over and over again. As a kid that’s how I always understood it, so I thought the game got stale quick (granted, I wasn’t a bastion of strategy at 11 years old). Is this how that rule actually works? Does anyone out there find this game as broken as I did, or is there more meat to it. I unfortunately lost all my old cards, but I’ve been thinking of picking up the starter set on eBay and trying a few rounds with a friend, so I wanted to get a fresh perspective.

    As a second note, does anyone have or play with any home rules that help mitigate any of the game’s brokenness? (Assuming it’s broken to begin with)

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    From what I've heard, the English version of the game was pretty broken due to the rule and card changes. I don't know enough about its rules to say much about the Regroup Phase, but in the original game I think that you would only be able to discard/draw once, and you couldn't draw any more cards if you emptied your Net Ocean (deck) in the process.
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    Let's see here, I just found all my digi-battle stuff last week.

    Yeah, the first thing you do is discard, then you refill you hand. Just the one time, you don't keep doing it over and over. After that you can prepare your next digivolution and then the game moves into the next round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaioumon View Post
    Let's see here, I just found all my digi-battle stuff last week.

    Yeah, the first thing you do is discard, then you refill you hand. Just the one time, you don't keep doing it over and over. After that you can prepare your next digivolution and then the game moves into the next round.
    Okay, cool. If that’s the case then the game is (slightly) less broken. So do the rules explicitly state that you can only discard/redraw once then? I remember them being vague on that point, which was the problem...

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    It's not so much that it's vague as much as there's an unspoken rule of games where if the rules don't explicitly state you can do it, you can't do it. Since the rules only state once that you restore your hand to 10 cards, and then moves into the next step (after explaining what happens when you deck-out), you have to assume you only draw the one time.

    I'll admit that the rulebook reads a bit confusingly, since it mentions the drawing, then says you can discard, then mentions the drawing AGAIN:
    First, you must restore your hand to 10 cards by drawing from the ONLINE deck. Players may discard as many cards from their remaining hand to OFFLINE as they wish, and draw as many new cards from the Online deck as needed to restore their hand to 10 cards.
    However, the reminder text on the playmat reads much more clearly:
    1. Restore hand to 10 cards by drawing from Online deck. (You may first discard as many cards to Offline as you wish.)

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    So I purchased the Digibattle starter set online, and I plan to play it with a friend when they come down in a few weeks. We plan to play the English rules, as well as attempt a fusion rule set between the English and Japanese games (since the changes to the US cards prevent a 1:1 translation). The hybrid rules play mostly like the US ones with these changes:

    -You may only have 6 cards in hand
    -When you deck out, you can only draw as many cards as are left in your deck. You don’t reshuffle your deck and playing field until after the duel phase.
    -During prep phase, you may lay down (or offline/replace) 3 Options cards to be used after the Digivolve phase
    -You may Digivolve multiple forms in one turn if able
    -Points count down from 1000 instead of up from 0 (so losing a battle means losing points).

    I’ll let you all know which version we have more fun with :P If there are any other changes you think we should make to bring this as close to the original Japanese rules as possible, please let me know!

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    Digi-Colosseum Rules (hybrid Digi-Battle/Hyper Colosseum)

    So I mentioned that I was playing around with a hybrid game of the Japanese and English versions of Hyper Colosseum (Digi-Battle). I actually liked the way it worked out. I tired to get it as close to the original Japanese game as the American cards would allow (I had to get particularly creative with the “Defend” move). I’ve posted the rules here as follows. Let me know what you may think, or if there are any tweaks/improvements that could be made!


    Game Start:
    -Each player selects 1 Rookie Digimon to act as their Active Digimon and places them face down in the Duel Zone.

    -Each player shuffles their remaining deck of 29 cards and places them in the Online Port.

    -Both players’ score counters are set to 1000. A player’s score may not exceed 1000.

    -Both players draw a hand of 6 cards from their deck.

    -A coin is tossed to decide who will be Player 1.

    -Both players flip over their Active Rookies.

    -Proceed to Boot-up Phase

    Boot-up Phase:
    -Player 1 may Offline as many cards from their hand as they wish, then draw from their Online deck until their hand has 6 cards. (This may only be done once). If a player cannot draw 6 cards, then he/she must draw whatever is left.

    -A player may swap out their Active Rookie for one in their hand. The original Rookie is sent Offline and the new one is placed on the Duel Zone.

    -Player 1 may place a Digimon that can Digivolve from their Active Digimon face down vertically on the Digivolve Port. Any Digivolve Materials required to Digivolve to that form are placed face down on the Digivolve Port horizontally on top of the face down Digimon. A player may place as many Digimon down on the Digivolve Port, so long as Digivolve requirements and Materials are met. (Options that are used to fulfill Digivolution requirements are considered Materials rather than Options, and are laid as such in the Digivolve Port. Digimon that are used as part of requirements for “DNA Digivolving” are also considered to be Materials, and should be laid horizontally on the Digivolve Port as such.)

    -Player 1 may then place face down, move, or discard Option cards on/from the Power Port. Only 3 Options may be placed at one time.

    -Once Player 1 has finished laying down Digimon and Options, the turn goes to Player 2 who may do likewise.

    -Once both players have finished, proceed to Digivolution Phase.

    Digivolution Phase:
    -Player 1 may carry out the evolution chain that was laid down in the Boot-upPhase. All Materials are sent Offline, and only the highest Level Digimon is placed on top of the Active Digimon. All other Level Digimon besides the Rookie and the highest Level are sent Offline.

    -Player 1 may play any Digivolution or De-Digivolution related Options that are in their Power Port.

    -Once Player 1 has either completed their Evolution chain or Passed, turn goes to Player 2 who may do likewise.

    -If either player decides to not carry out or complete the Evolution chain they set during the Boot-up Phase, all cards in the Digivolve Port must be sent Offline. If a player chooses only to evolve a partial line, any unused cards in the Digivolve Port must be sent Offline.

    -Any Active Digimon’s Digivolution related effects should be applied.

    -Once both players have completed or Passed their Evolution chains or played Digivolution Options, proceed to Duel Phase.

    Duel Phase:
    -Player 1 may play any Options in their Power Port. Once Player 1 has played their Options or passed, Player 2 may do likewise.

    -Once both players have played or passed on playing Options, the duel begins.

    -Each Digimon will use the Attack corresponding to their Opponent’s Battle Type (Red, Green, or Yellow).

    -Both players add any buffs or effects from their Options to the attack total listed. The Digimon with the higher attack power wins the duel (barring any additional Option or Digimon effects).

    -If a Digimon is using the “Defend” attack, a special rule is implemented, depending on the “Defend” attack’s Battle Type and the Opponent’s attack being used. This is calculated as follows:

    -If “Defend” is Red type, the Opponent’s Green Attack value becomes 0.

    -If “Defend” is Green type, the Opponent’s Yellow Attack value becomes 0.

    -If “Defend” is Yellow, the Opponent’s Red Attack value becomes 0.

    -Once a winner has been decided, proceed to Reboot Phase.

    Reboot Phase:
    -The Losing Player from the duel must Offline the top card of their Active Digimon, leaving their Active Rookie as the only card remaining in the Duel Zone.

    -The Losing Player must subtract points from their score counter equal to the Score number/level listed on their Opponent’s Active Digimon.

    -In event of a Draw, both Digimon remain the same, and both Players lose 100 points.

    -If a player had run out of deck during the Boot-up Phase, they must Offline all cards in their hand and in play EXCEPT for their Active Rookie. They then must shuffle their Offline pile and place it back on the Online Port as their new play deck.

    -Proceed to Boot-up Phase. The Losing Player will now be Player 1.

    -A player loses the game when their Score Counter reaches 0.
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