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Thread: Digimon Survive for PS4 and Switch, Early Info

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    Digimon Survive for PS4 and Switch, Early Info

    A bit of early info on the new Digimon game!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The game is called Digimon Survive, and is scheduled for 2019 for both the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

    It's described as a Survival Strategy RPG. The game will have both 2d and 3d graphical elements.

    The game will have conversation scenes in 2d, which will look like you are watching animation.

    Depending on your choices, there are changes in story development and in-battle evolution.

    The battle part will play as a simulation where you move your partners in a box style field while fighting enemies. Energy is consumed via actions and to evolve, and using energy properly is the key.

    The exploration part will let you explore the field. You can find interesting landmarks and key elements to progress the story.

    Some plot details- The hero who joined a camp suddenly is taken to another world. It's a dangerous world in which ferocious creatures wander around.

    We also have a description of the hero.

    Momotsuka Takuma: A middle school 2nd year who accidentally wandered into another world. Together with Agumon, he bravely faces their perilous situation.

    Agumon: A mysterious monster that the protagonist meets. Agumon becomes his partner, and decides to help him find a way back to his world.

    It's noted that the genre and atmosphere change and that each Digimon appears beautiful.

    We expect more information and images from the upcoming issue of V-Jump (an early issue being where this info certainly came from) and the game will also be detailed as part of the upcoming Digimon Thanksgiving livestream.

    Thanks to ryokutya2089 for the info.

    Updated with additional details thanks to garm.

    Update- Cleaned up a few things and added an image thanks to Gematsu. We aren't currently sure of the original source of the image.
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    Junior Commander saifors's Avatar
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    My prayers for a Switch version have been answered thankfully.
    The description makes me think of Fire Emblem, which I'm completely okay with considering Digimon and Fire Emblem are my favourite game series, especially the survival part which sounds like permadeath (although probably working like the life system in the World games).
    Thinking about it, weren't the Ryo games on Wonderswan SRPGs? Although from the bit I played there wasn't much to it as it didn't seem to affect much.

    I'm on board with this, sounds like it could be a very fun game.

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    Junior Commander LucasPSI's Avatar
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    lol I almost want to call this an april fools with how similar it sounds to something like metal gear survive, but it also sounds really interesting. Can't wait to hear more

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    Ain't got no mojo... CeciliaCrescent's Avatar
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    Nov 2015
    "Survival Strategy RPG" sounds like a cross between Story and World games to be honest. Regardless, I'm glad I have something new to look forward to especially since Tri is long gone.

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    I'm going digital Tortoiseshel's Avatar
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    Strategy RPGs are my favorite type of video games (after Virtual Pets) so I'm already rather excited just from what little information we have now. If it includes raising elements, it may very well be one of my favorite games ever. Assuming, you know, it's good.

    Quote Originally Posted by saifors View Post
    Thinking about it, weren't the Ryo games on Wonderswan SRPGs? Although from the bit I played there wasn't much to it as it didn't seem to affect much.
    The first one was, the other three are more like spiritual predecessors to the Digimon Story games.

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    I'm a Maniac DigiGrader's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Sounds promising. I hope we get more news and coverage soon. I am still having a hard time imagining what it would be like.

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    I come from the net wildwing64's Avatar
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    Yay a Switch version! I'd just about stopped hoping for Digimon on a Nintendo system and this is a nice surprise.

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    Junior Commander shaikgb's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    it's sound a little like a world game to me i wonder what makes it different from the world games?

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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    If it plays like Pokemon Conquest then cool. So much for using lessser known Digimon as partners lol. I hope this doesn't set the roster back to the start.

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    Updated with the main character's first name, will update with the last once I have a decent translation.
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