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Thread: More Anime Expo 2018 Photos! tri. Display Wall, MetalGarurumon Statue, Shout Booth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocifaptor View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    It wasn't known it was a seven way fusion till it happened. Showing it as such is spoilers. Like the Japanese version until it airs they likely don't want it known it's a seven way fusion
    But is it confirmed that Omegamon Merciful Mode is actually a seven-way fusion, and not the other Digimon powering Omegamon up? Sorry, haven't been following the forums for quite a while.
    I guess not officially but it's heavily implied. We don't see the rest of them until they all revert to babies and with Paladin Mode, Agumon and Gabumon are specifically shown being discarded. That didn't happen with MM. They all fused into Omnimon, did the kill then reverted to 8 babies

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    That Metalgarurumon statue is AMAZING!!! I would love to see a how-itís-made video of something like that. Also, if we donít get new digivolving spirits news at the Digimon Thanksgiving on 7/29 Iím legit going to cry.

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