A little over a month left to wait!

Pre-orders for the Australian release of Digimon Adventure tri. Part 4 are open in Australia!

There's been a bit of a wait for Part 4 in Australia, but not overall a super long time.

It will be released August 15th and the Blu-ray is $35 and the DVD is $30.

You can currently pre-order it at JB Hi-Fi:

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Both are listed as one disk with both English and Japanese audio, and English subtitles, same as prior releases.

The Australian release will be based off the US release from Shout, the same as the UK release was. It will include the catch up bonus feature "The Evolution So Far, with Joshua Seth."

The USA release from Shout Factory came out in April and we did a full breakdown.
The UK release from Manga UK also came out in April and we also did a breakdown of that release.

Thanks to Lost in Translationmon for the heads up.