Another Hosoda surprise!

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To celebrate the upcoming release of Mamoru Hosoda's new film, Mirai of the Future, the Toei Channel will be airing Hosoda's Digimon works throughout the month of July!

They're referring to the airings as Digimon Adventure the Movie Plus.

Toei has put up a commercial for the airings on Twitter.

The Digimon Adventure movie will air on:
July 1st at noon
July 15th at 12:30pm
July 22nd at noon

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Bokura no War Game, the second Digimon movie (which Hosoda later made into the stand alone film Summer Wars) will air on:
July 1st at 3:30pm
July 8th at noon
July 29th at noon

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Digimon Adventure episode 21, Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo!, will air on:
July 15th at noon
July 22nd at 12:30pm

A fun little celebration of Hosoda's work before his newest film comes out.

Earlier this week Hosoda was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Mirai of the Future comes out July 20th in Japan with a North American release scheduled later this year.