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Thread: My thoughts on Mysterious Man (Dark Gennai) and Alphamon (Spoilers)

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    My thoughts on Mysterious Man (Dark Gennai) and Alphamon (Spoilers)

    These two characters are probably the biggest mystery of Tri. My theory of Dark Gennai is this: From Adventure novel,it is explained that the dark cube inserted by Piemon in Gennai,has a potential of turning Gennai into evil,by negative emotions.His 'dark side',was probably awakened by Yggdrasil, taking over Gennai completely,and thus,'ejecting' his original,normal self,leaving him incapacitated,which explains Gennai being sealed away with 02 crew.The similar thing happened with Oikawa,when he split in two,one taking all the power and becoming BelialVamdemon,and the other one left to die.
    Alphamon,on the other hand,has three possibilities: One Alphamon being loyal servant of Yggdrasil,doing this purposely,other being brainwashed by Yggdrasil and completely in control of Yggdrasil,and third that Alphamon actually IS Yggdrasil,using Alphamon as an host body,like in Savers when he used Daimon Suguru. Yamato even said when he appeared in part 5,that he might be Yggdrasil. What do you think?

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    I originally thought Dark Gennai was Yggdrasil in person form after capturing Gennai and 02 kids but after part 6 I'm not sure...he could be working for a greater villain since Tri story isn't really finished...
    As for Alphamon, it appears that he was working for Yggdrasil but end up having second thoughts

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    One thing about Alphamon is that I wonder how many times he replay the battles before he win? Alphamon never lost a battle.
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    Given tri.'s generally amorphous relationship with Digimon lore on any scale, it's not really certain if they even knew about Alphamon's replay power.
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