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Thread: Tamers Plushes on Chains Crane Game Prizes

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    Tamers Plushes on Chains Crane Game Prizes

    Time for some more plush crane game prizes!

    Digimon Tamers plushes on chains! Series 1 of these will include Guilmon, Renamon, and Terriermon.

    Each of these is roughly 4.7 inches tall. They each have a small metal chain for attaching to a bag or a keychain.

    Crane game players in Japan will be able to try and win them beginning on Saturday, July 28th. These will be exclusive to Namco and Sega branded arcades.

    And they announced something else for the same time...

    Series 2! The second series will feature Impmon, Culumon, Lopmon, and Leomon.

    This series is listed as being roughly 4.3 inches each, and they also have small metal chain for a bag or keychain.

    Series 2 will be available to crane game players in Japan on July 28th, the same day as series 1. These will also be exclusive to Namco and Sega branded arcades.

    A few nice plushes for Tamers fans.

    Thanks to BlueIke for the heads up.
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    Junior Commander Deep Saver's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
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    Oh, these are cute! I would be interested in a larger version.

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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    They're actually really cool. I need all of them.

    and lol, after that guy moaned about only Adventure stuff - here's Tamers stuff right on cue.

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    I come from the net
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    Feb 2007
    Leomon plushie chain look awesome. Let's hope it won't become... "Savage meme".

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    Junior Commander Jmac28211's Avatar
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    Sep 2013
    Tamers is easily my favorite series (thought I'd like to see Xros Wars get more stuff), so I'm really happy to see these. I'm really shocked and pleased that the second wave features the secondary characters. Maybe wave three can feature Guardromon, MarineAngemon, and Cyberdramon (and Dobermon??).

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    Ain't got no mojo... Megadramon01010's Avatar
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    I don't even care which one I win, I just want to win one.

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    Junior Commander Mugenlazlo's Avatar
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    They better make plushies for Frontier and Data Squad.

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    I come from the net
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    Sep 2006
    Those are really nice. And we have all... Close enough? heh heh

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