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Thread: 20th Anniversary Pendulum discussion thread

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    Ah, so they got the eggs, but they didn't really know why. It's more tricky because if you have 2 Digimon, there's a delay between when you get an egg and when you see it.

    Nice results the last couple of pages, thanks everyone!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donkey? View Post
    The English names would definitely be nice but I don't mind too much because I can read Hiragana and katakana still working on kanji though:-(
    Yeah, it sounds like you and I are about on par for reading Japanese. Still, the rest is in English, itd be nice to just round it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viktor View Post
    Has anybody else noticed that these are suspiciously easy to "kill"? I've had mine die randomly a few times, the 20th ann. version of the original seemed more hardy, despite the way higher poop production (and subsequent getting sick because of that). I haven't gotten my Pendulum 20th get sick because of poop yet, yet they die sometimes, not even because of neglect.
    Maybe it's beause I don't fight with them that much? The shaking thing is honestly kind of exhausting so I tend to forget to do that...
    That's odd, I've found them very versatile. As long as I meet their daily requirements.
    Luckily, the 20 injury rule helps killing them much easier.
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