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Thread: 20th Anniversary Pendulum discussion thread

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    The guide is written with the assumption that you have already unlocked all the normal eggs on your device. If you have done this, you will only need to beat Tags and Singles one more time while switching versions. The eggs only unlock if you beat the tags and singles while in that version, so it's best to clear tags and singles before starting and then not start over after clearing the final battle, so you can immediately challenge it again to unlock the remaining two.
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    The accellerometer on my Dukemon stopped working yesterday. I had struck the same thing with both my Silver devices when the batteries were dying, and replacing the battery fixed them in both cases. In this case however I changed the battery to no effect, in addition to a battery-tester telling me the old battery was still perfectly fine. Xanaxdu had the same problem with his Silver-Black at one point and he solved it by opening the device and putting it back together, so I tried that. Luckily for whatever reason that got it and I can now Megahit again. Didn't lose the save-date either, but replacing the batteries in these things really is a white-knuckle ride the whole way.

    I love these things, really I do, but I really wish they were better made and didn't commonly have so many issues.

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    eh? I may have a similar problem on my dukemon. it still works, but its wonky and keep miscounting the number of shakes i made.

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