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Thread: 20th Anniversary Pendulum discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonberry2 View Post
    My search engine use isn't the best and I havent been able to find an answer. So does anyone know if the omegamon/imperialdramon fm jogress to PM would work if the omegamon is a copymon of an omegamon alter-S?
    I never tried this, but I don't think it'll work, they are just different Digimon

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    The two Angewomons are Va JO Perfect, but can only jogress evolve with LadyDevimon.

    The weird thing: I'd raised Whamon and Angewomon together. Angewomon+Whamon is a mismatch, but Whamon+Angewomon evolved to Plesiomon.

    Also, humulos previously used a copy Angewomon as jogress fodder for Jyagamon.

    So looks like we have one example of assymetrical matching.

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