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Thread: 20th Pendulum Wave 2 Pre-Order Date from V-Jump, Plus Exclusive Digimon

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    20th Pendulum Wave 2 Pre-Order Date from V-Jump, Plus Exclusive Digimon

    Time for some Pendulum updates!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    We have details from V-Jump, along with an early image showing a few new things...

    Pre-orders for the new versions will go up on June 28th, and they will ship in December. Each costs 3,700 yen.

    In addition, we know a single new Digimon for each (we don't know what other Digimon might show up who weren't in the previous 20th Pendulums.)

    The Dukemon color Pendulum will include Darkdramon.
    The Beelzebumon color Pendulum will include Jesmon X-Antibody.

    No doubt more info about the new Pendulums will show up soon.

    Thanks to ryokutya2089 for the info.

    Previous details about these new 20th Pendulums can be found here.

    Update- Swapped out the stand in images for an early V-Jump image, which shows Jesmon X-Antibody.

    Thanks to A_n_ochan for the image and our friends at DimensaoDigimon for the heads up.
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    I'm sad Jesmon ended up on the Beelzemon Pendulum, odd choice. But at least I'll have enough money to preorder these.
    I hope Bandai gives some info on when preorders end and when the first wave even ships.
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    Huh... wonder why they switched these two around. Either it's to balance out the roster or make people get em both.
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    Ooh, Darkdramon! That's one I'd definitely like to raise. Does seem wierd that it wouldn't be on the Beelzemom version though. Would be quite fitting.

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    Still waiting for the release date of the FIRST wave of the Pendulums...

    EDIT: Literally just saw that they get shipped out on the 21st.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gigamon23 View Post
    Does seem wierd that it wouldn't be on the Beelzemom version though. Would be quite fitting.
    That's probably on purpose. Like they're deliberately splitting them this way to make you want to get both.

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainBanzuke View Post
    Still waiting for the release date of the FIRST wave of the Pendulums...
    To be fair, Wave 2 of the Version 20th v-pets also went up for preorder before Wave 1 came out. I think.


    Darkdramon's an interesting addition! Can't say I'm too excited for Jesmon, but only because I was underwhelmed by his sprite design on the V20th v-pet. Actually, I found all of the Hackmon line sprites disappointing except for Hackmon itself.

    Wave 2's still a "maybe" for me. But if a personal favourite like BlitzGreymon ends up returning...

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    Darkdramon actually makes a lot of sense being put in the Dukemon group, as his Gigastick Lanceis stated to rival Dukemon's Gram.

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    Junior Commander shaikgb's Avatar
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    i wish this wouldn't be a mistake and that it will be jesmon x-antibody form because they started to return making more of the x-antibody digimon and their lore and they need to keep making them or the new lore will just go to waste
    this will also be a good chance to show more of them and their lore so i really hope we will get to see more x-antibody soon even if the jesmon being an x-antibody will turn out to be a mistake

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    Based on the first wave one in which duftmon and dukemon is exclusive to silverblue (deep savers), I assumed that all royal soldiers will be exclusive tied to deep solders version not nightmare soldier version.
    However for the second wave we get a royal knight for beelzebumon version.
    Do you guys think the beelzebumon version is linked to nightmare soldier or deep savers ver? It is strange either way

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    I'm a Maniac dansplosion's Avatar
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    They probably put darkdramon in the dukemon version and jesmon in the beelzemon version as failed evos or maybe to balance them out from being mostly dark digimon and mostly holy digimon. I know i picked silver blue because of the royal knight theme (as well as lopmon of course)

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