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Thread: Would you like more lgbt representation in digimon?

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    I don't really care... It neither benefits nor hurts the story, just like it wouldn't if one of the characters was black. If it works, it works, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D O R U g o r a m o n View Post
    I know about Yuuko, Fei and Yu. They are good characters because their sexuality is not their personality and is not forced on the player in a preachy manner. They are good, multi-dimensional characters that just happen to be Homosexual. Representation generally means forcing a character to a cringe-worthy stereotype for no other reason than grandstanding so called "virtue". I honestly dont want any romance in Digimon, as romance distracts from friendship between characters. Digimon should be about the interaction between Digimon and humans, not the weird and convoluted process of human reproduction. Im sorry if I sound a bit harsh on this, but thats because I want Digimon to be the best it can be.
    Uh, that's not what representation means. It might mean that to you, but it's the same as using "SJW" ironically, which unfortunately might be mainstream. All the characters you mentioned can be considered forms of representation, since they represent (there's the word!) perspectives that are outside of the typical media experience. The complaint is that since they're only presented in ambiguous/unconfirmed terms, that the representation doesn't go far enough, which is a legitimate critique.

    And in a game that's as sexual/sexualized as the Cyber Sleuth series, it's kind of hard to avoid the "romance" debate. You can't have these elements and pretend that parts of them don't exist, that's not a good faith discussion. It doesn't mean you need to automatically add dating options in every game (I thought Cyber Sleuth did a pretty good job overall of balancing the mature themes against the backdrop of Digimon!), but if the writing alludes to it, there's no reason not to talk about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by TMS View Post
    Kind of off-topic, but since Persona was brought up, I've always wondered how LGBT+ people might feel about how Persona 4 handled things. Where, like, one of the playable characters is gay... but not really. And another character is trans... but not really.
    I think that's a current point of contention with Persona. I think the writing overall saves the series at the moment (I'm also squarely in the target audience of white heterosexual male), but I'd like to see it addressed a little more honestly in the inevitable Persona 6. It does a great job of exploring the feelings of internal conflict of the characters, but the end result is almost exclusively geared heterosexual, so I get the frustration.

    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown Neo View Post
    Yeah. I tend to use A at the end. Since I'm not clear on what Q means. Also a + but that's mostly just to save space.
    Q is Queer/Questioning, which is where Asexual would actually typically fall under (or the +, as you say). A is generally reserved for Ally.

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    Thank you BlankShell for posting the response I wanted to give but didn't have the words and/or wherewithal to do so. Also happy Pride Month everyone 🎉🌈

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlankShell View Post
    Q is Queer/Questioning, which is where Asexual would actually typically fall under (or the +, as you say). A is generally reserved for Ally.
    Thank you. No one has said anything about how I phrase it though. Which is why I didn't know.

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