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Thread: Would you like more lgbt representation in digimon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by doucheachu View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by boredmon View Post
    You guys missed an obvious example of lgbt representation

    i know he's a npc and not a main or important character but, he's not a walking stereotype nor it's a shipbait kind of situation, dude just casually says he's gay that's cool
    This got me wondering: when the fella is with Arata later, Arata gets so flustered explaining who he is. Is Arata not hetero either?
    Pretty sure that was just a reused model. Otherwise "hot guy" is everywhere, lol.
    Really? I've only run into two versions of that model - in the Lilymon quest and in Eden in the comic book quest. Any others you know of?

    Edit: Now that I've been paying proper attention, there are many uses of this model in both CS and CS:HM.
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    I second TMS. I prefer Digimon for the epic monster battles, and could care less about romance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by D O R U g o r a m o n View Post
    I second TMS. I prefer Digimon for the epic monster battles, and could care less about romance.
    I get where you're coming from, but I feel like Digimon is at its best when it's about people, even when some of those people are giant dragon samurai.
    Anyway, something doesn't have to be romance-heavy to have good LGBT representation; I, for one, prefer more nuanced representation that doesn't make too big a deal out of a character's sexuality/gender identity and just has it be part of the character, especially with kid/teen protagonists like Digimon usually has.

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    Gonna second PRC, I'm completely fine with representation as long as it's handled well.

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    To be honest I prefer Digimon to stick to adventure and battles than diverting towards romance. I already had enough with the IDW Transformers comics.

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    I wouldn't mind it in the sense that, like, it's the 21th century. There's nothing wrong with being homosexual, lesbian or bisexual.

    But I would mind if it went at the cost of other stuff like battling and character development just to really push into your face that they have an LGBT character in the cast.
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    Considering how close Appmon got, I wouldn't be surprised if we got some soon.

    I mean, there was a canon lesbian couple in the background in an episode (we saw the contents of their social media and they were calling each others partners with love hearts).
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    Yeah. Even if he was just a Spoiler, everyone at least joked about Harujin being the OTP. Plus there's been a few possible ships before. Or at least jokes.

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    I'm not sure how much into spoiler territory this is, so I'm sorry if it's too much; I've stuck things in spoiler tags, but any spoilers are only about Hacker's Memory.

    On one hand, it's nice to see casual representation. On the other hand, makes me anxious since it usually isn't handled terribly well. It all depends. How Hacker's Memory handled that one "joke confession" from Keisuke moment in regards to Yuu wasn't great, but Fei just being casually in love with Yuuko was nice, especially since they had it seem as if she actually liked a boy until we find out the truth about Yuuko? Like, nothing changed about their relationship after the reveal, and even that one Memory talked about someone who was obviously Fei making rice balls for someone who I assumed was Yuugo, but the game used she/her, so I had been confused; but of course, it makes sense considering Yuuko. So in that sense, casual LGBT representation that doesn't make a big deal about it being so as if it's something drastic to pay attention to was nice to see.

    In terms of Cyber Sleuth, I've seen a couple people in this thread say Fei was rejected when she confessed? I just finished Hacker's Memory so I'm not sure where the rejection came in (unless it's present in the first game); while Fei is obvious about it, Yuuko is not very adept at human relationships and hasn't clearly noticed, and says that while she thinks "friends" doesn't sum up their relationship, Fei is precious to her. Did the rejection come in in the other possible option in that conversation about asking if they're lovers? I haven't seen that response chosen, so I might be missing that context.

    Also, just to point out a thing I've seen from reading through the thread, even if Yuuko is asexual, that doesn't mean she can't like girls as well. While I don't think canon points to that just from what I've seen of it, unless those who are saying she might be asexual rather than a lesbian are saying she's also aromantic, that doesn't disqualify her from any willingness to be with Fei, if that ever develops for them.
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