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Thread: When was this amazing version of With The Will released?

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    When was this amazing version of With The Will released?

    I haven't listened to this Chosen Children Ver. of With The Will, although it seems it does sound during the episode 39 of the series, but it looks dope!! So I was wondering when exactly it was released back then, since I have checked out all the Digimon Frontier albums listed in Wikimon and I haven't found anything. Does anyone have any idea?

    Thanks a lot guys

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    It was Track 2 on the Digimon Frontier Christmas Smile Album.

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    It's indeed from the Frontier Christmas CD.
    If you had not heard that one, then you probably have not heard this Frontier Christmas song:

    There is also a random Christmas song by Wada Kouji on this CD as well as a track for all the kids saying their Spirit Evolution catchphrases.

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    Speaking of Frontier
    I wish they would release Frontier's soundtracks cuz it's unfair that half of this season's OSTs got unreleased.

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    Umm..can you name which music is not on the OST? I know some is missing but I can't pinpoint it.

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